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El héroe ("The Hero") is an animated short film (five minutes) from Mexico, directed by Carlos Carrera.

A rather downtrodden man goes on his morning commute, struggling to make his way through the teeming masses that, like him, are flooding into the subway to board trains. As the man stands at the platform waiting for a subway train, he sees a nervous-looking young woman. As he watches, the young woman extends a foot to the edge of the platform, seemingly about to jump off and hurl herself in front of a train. Thinking quickly, the man fights through the crowd and grabs her before she jumps—an action that has unexpected consequences.



  • Downer Ending: The man fails to save the woman, who commits suicide.
  • Driven to Suicide: After the man is hauled away by a security guard, the woman does in fact throw herself in front of a train.
  • For Doom the Bell Tolls: Tolling church bells at the very beginning of the short set an ominous tone.
  • Happily Failed Suicide: Averted. The man grabs the woman's arm, to stop her from jumping. She starts screaming, and a cop drags the man away. Then, having got rid of the man, she proceeds to kill herself by jumping in front of a train.
  • Ironic Episode Title: "The Hero" for a man who tries to be a hero and fails.
  • Nameless Narrative: No names in the short.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: The jerky toll booth attendant that won't let the man through the turnstile because his wrinkly ticket won't go into the machine.
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  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Both the man and the woman have exaggeratedly large, soulful, expressive eyes. This makes them stand out as all the other people in the crowd have much smaller eyes.
  • Silence Is Golden: No dialogue in the short.

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