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Western Animation / 850 Meters

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850 Meters is an animated 15-minute short film from 2013 featuring a greedy knight seeking a way to obtain fame and fortune. The cartoon series My Knight and Me spun off from it.


  • Curse Escape Clause: The "Ugly" Princess is only ugly because of a curse that'll be broken if the dragon guarding her tower is slain. It turns out to be a lie to convince the knight to look for the invincible sword. The "Princess" is actually a hand puppet controlled by the dragon's sister.
  • Girl in the Tower: The knight tries to rescue a Princess from a tower as his first attempt to get fame and fortune.
  • Glory Seeker: Fame and fortune are the knight's main reasons to rescue a Princess. Preferably a beautiful one but, for as long as he can obtain fame and fortune, he doesn't mind much if she's ugly.
  • Imagine Spot: The knight has several about headlines he expects to be written about him.
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  • Running Gag: The imagine spots by the knight happen often enough to become this.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: While in a place full of skeletons, the knight hears someone talking and assumes it's a nearby skull. Once he figures out it's a magical compass being worn by the skeleton, he imagines a headline stating he found a magical compass and totally knew it wasn't the skull speaking.
  • Take That!: One of the silhouettes that scare the knight in the foggy area looks like one of the teletubbies. It's eventually revealed it was a dragon that intentionally put on a disguise to look like that.
  • Title Drop: The knight's quest for the invincible sword results in a dragon throwing him away and figuring out he landed 850 meters away. The dragon notes it's a new record.

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