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Western Animation / All Creatures Big and Small

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All Creatures Big and Small, also known as Two by Two in the UK and Ooops! Noah is Gone... in the rest of the world, is a 2015 animated film based somewhat off of the story of Noah's Ark.

A great flood is coming, and all the animals are in danger! Thankfully, a nice human named Noah built an ark for them to take shelter in. Finny, who is a fictional species of animal called a Nestrian, is among the animals who go to the ark, along with Leah, who is a fictional species of cat called a Grymp. However, Finny and Leah end up wandering away from the ark and end up missing it when it sets sail, and Finny's dad and Leah's mom are still in the ark, forcing Finny and Leah to try to get back to the ark, and avoid a pair of griffins who want to eat them, all by themselves. They also meet Obesey, a giant whale, and Stayput, his parasite friend, both of whom join them on their way back to the ark.

Not to be confused with All Creatures Great and Small.

This movie provides examples of:

  • Alliterative Title: One of the film's alternate titles, Two by Two, counts as such.
  • Big Bad: The griffins are constantly trying to catch Finny and his friends to eat for dinner.
  • Disney Death: Finny nearly drowns near the end of the film, but he turns out to be perfectly fine.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: The ark's lion captain has this pointed out to him as he makes this statement to the ark's passengers:
    Captain: May I also remind you that this is a non-carnivorous voyage. Thank you for your understanding. I could really go for some giraffe right about now...
    Flamingo: Captain, you're still on air!
    Captain: Whoops...
  • Meaningful Name: Nestrians are stated to be a species of animal that is good at bulding their own nests. Note the "nest" in the name "Nestrian".
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Finny and his dad are rejected from the ark for not being on the ark's animal list, so they dress up in Grymp costumes in an attempt to get on the ark. It actually works.
  • Shout-Out: The griffins build an unstable stone bridge, in hopes that Finny's group try to walk on it and fall off, allowing them to catch them for dinner. The stones comprising the bridge end up falling on them like Tetris blocks, and when the rocks form a horizontal line it disappears, just like in the game. There's even a knockoff version of the game's iconic theme that plays during this scene!
  • Talking Animal: The entire cast of the film is this.

Alternative Title(s): Two By Two, Ooops Noah Is Gone