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Western Animation / Alice of Wonderland in Paris

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That flag...Are you sure she's going to Paris?

A 1966 animated film all about the adventures of Alice of Wonderland towards her journey to Paris. Directed by Gene Deitch and produced by William L. Snyder, two persons known for working on some of the Tom and Jerry shorts.

It all starts with Alice reading the book, Madeline and this causes her to dream of going to Paris and meet her. What keeps her however, is to how to get there since going to Wonderland only takes a Down the Rabbit Hole but going to Paris takes, well, money. Of course. Suddenly, François, a talking mouse riding on a bicycle, appears on a hole on the corner of her room. He tells of the great cheeses that he has tested and promises to take Alice to Paris if she tells what her favorite kind of cheese is. Along the way, they tell each other stories that are known to be famous for children. The movie throughout, tells five short stories. Two of which, are from Madeline.


Alice of Wonderland in Paris provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Nationality: It's noted that Alice in this version might be American because of her liking to cheeseburgers, should The Other Wiki be trusted.
  • All Just a Dream: As far as Alice adaptations go, this one is no exception after she floats away from Paris and wakes up asleep on her chair back in the bedroom.
  • Cats Are Mean: Alice's cat, Dinah.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Or "Down the Mouse Hole" in this case.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: The scene where Pepito is almost massacred by a pack of dogs after letting them chase him with a bag that has a cat in it. Of course, if it weren't for that, he wouldn't have received his Heel–Face Turn.
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  • Gay Paree
  • Grass Is Greener: Alice fantasizes about Madeleine and Paris, only to discover that Madeleine fantasizes about Alice and Wonderland.
  • Gratuitous French
  • Have a Gay Old Time: Madeline says something along the lines of, "Please don't molest us," to Pepito. In a literary context, that just means "don't bug us". Besides, they need that for the next line.
  • Large Ham:
    • François
    • Every king in the story.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: Madeline!
  • Perpetual Frowner: The Frowning Prince proclaims this over and over by saying he has an "immovable frown". In the end, he smiles as he's just wanting everybody to accept it. Mind Screw, please?
  • Weird Moon: Many Moons have all different speculations of the moon's distance, size and the material it is made of. A Fridge Brilliance moment was made by the Princess Lenore about how the moon can still exist in the sky when they've already gave it to her. If you know the story, It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The Wonderland: Paris in a mundane sense. We do not see any of the original Wonderland. Considering how her original story ended, she's probably back in her home.


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