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Adam is a 1992 animated short film (six minutes) directed by Peter Lord and produced by Aardman Animations.

It is a satirical take on the creation of Man in the Book of Genesis. As the opening credits roll a live-action hand can be seen scooping up some clay. The hand shapes the clay into a naked little man, Adam, who comes to life after the hand smacks him on the head. After some slapstick comic business, the hand makes a companion for Adam.



  • The Aloner: Adam was all by himself on the barren planet. That's why, after getting past his disappointment over getting a penguin instead of a woman, he gives the penguin a hug at the end.
  • Author Powers: It's the hand of God! God makes Adam out of clay and then screws with him for a while, before making him a friend.
  • Bindle Stick: God, who seems determined to annoy poor Adam, makes him a bindle stick and points at him to walk away. Adam does so, and winds up back where he started just a few seconds later, since the "planet" he's on is tiny indeed.
  • Creation Myth: It's a satirical take on the creation of Man in the Book of Genesis.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: Adam is pretty startled at the end when God gives him, not Eve, but a penguin. He rolls with it and gives the penguin a hug.
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  • The Hand Is God: A disembodied hand creates Adam out of clay and molds things. Animator Nick Upton was credited as "The Hand Of God".
  • Male Frontal Nudity: Adam, like in the Bible, is naked throughout.
  • Rule of Three: Adam flings three balls of clay into the air before realizing that he has created three low-flying moons. The first two splatter him in the face. The third chases him for a while before Adam picks up the bindle stick, and swings it like a bat—and gets splattered again when the clay ball explodes.
  • Silence Is Golden: No dialogue.
  • Stop Motion: Aardman Animations' signature claymation style.
  • Twist Ending: Does Adam get Eve at the end? No, he gets a penguin.