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Adventure Time

  • Alex: The titular character wants to make Marceline pay for everything she has done by getting her position as the new Vampire Queen. How does she do that? Turn the Land of Ooo into a dark swamp and blame her for it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • The Northern Water Tribe in Reluctant Hero tries to restore balance in the world and searches for the Avatar in order to fulfil this goal. When they find the teen, they abduct him - while thinking they're rescuing him from the Fire Nation - basically imprison and force him to follow their customs, and consider wiping his memory clean from everything related to the Fire Nation in order to help him progress. Is that such a wonder that the kid escaped?
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  • Another Brother has Prince Iroh, who's determined to bring his nephew home. Unfortunately, the nephew is very keen on avoiding this and constantly flees away. Iroh's reaction to that is burning anyone and everything trying to help the boy.
  • Field Of Innocence: Lu Ten is portrayed a loving family...who nevertheless is convinced of the Fire Nation's superiority and need to conquer the other kingdom.

Babylon 5

  • In The Dilgar War Supreme Warmaster Gar'shan, the saner members of the Warmaster Council (like the protagonist Jha'dur, also known as Deathwalker), and the Dilgar emperor are trying to save the Dilgar race from the imminent explosion of their homeworld's sun. To do so they invaded the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, with the intent of conquering a paradise planet with adequate infrastructure already present for their people and the rest of the League for their advanced technology and worlds in which their population would be able to move when they'd grow too much for a single world, and intend to kill or enslave and work to death every single inhabitant of the League to make space and have the workforce they'll need for the first period. To be fair, they know exactly what they are, and their plan also includes making sure the next generation of Dilgar will be better people than themselves.


  • In the Bleach fanfic A Protector's Pride, Ichigo says this about Aizen. Ichigo claims that Aizen might have wanted to change Soul Society for the better, but he unfortunately picked up a God Complex. Along with his inability to talk to others as equals, this led to the monster he became.


  • In Child of the Storm and its sequels, it's revealed that Doctor Strange is this. Thanks to his unsurpassed skills as a master of Time Magic and as a Seer, he saw that in the vast majority of futures, humanity fell to Thanos, along with the rest of the universe. As a result, he set about weaponising the For Want of a Nail trope (he even quotes the original poem in chapter 80 when explaining himself, then asking how the Avengers thought he would have helped more, as just one more knight on the battlefield, or as a travelling blacksmith, there to replace the horseshoe) via extensive time travel and epic scale personal manipulation, to guide Earth to the best possible future, one where it can take on Thanos and win, shaping Harry into the tip of the spear. The measures he takes to ensure this happens, and the things he allows to happen lead to him sadly reflecting that in many ways he is as much a monster as the creatures he fights in the sequel, Ghosts of the Past. His main redeeming features, such as they are, are that he does little kindnesses where he can, he will not put anyone through something that he won't put himself through, his methods of shaping Harry into a soldier involve giving him a strong support system in the form of a loving Family of Choice, and when he fails Rachel/Maddie, he almost kills himself frantically rearranging the timeline to make amends and give her a happy ending.
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  • The Shin Megami Tensei and Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo crossover Megami No Hanabira has Shusui Naito, the leader of the Yakuza Demon Tamers. During his battle with the girls he reveals his ultimate goal: to spread the Demon Summoning Program outside the city, to as many people as he can. When Yuuna protests that it would likely cause a societal meltdown as people abuse the Summoning Program, Naito counters that that is what he's counting on: when social order breaks down, people who have been historically oppressed will have a chance to use the Summoning Program to take revenge on their oppressors and claw their way to the top without being held back by arbitrary societal constraints. Ultimately, he dreams of an Übermensch that will prove themselves worthy of ruling the world through skill with the Summoning Program and the charisma to rally people beneath them, leading the world to a golden age. The death, destruction and mayhem that would likely ensue in the meantime means very little to him.
  • The Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. crossover fanfic Kage (part of Project Dark Jade), has one of these, in the backstory — long ago, a disciple of Kandrakar, Althair the Mad Sage, led a crusade across the Known Worlds, killing thousands (especially children) in order to prevent Oracle N'ghala's vision of the "Incoming Darkness" from coming to pass.
    • Nerissa believes she is one, but thinks that the best way to a peaceful universe is through obedience to her and her alone.
  • Death Note Equestria offers up several examples:
    • Twilight Sparkle, as Kira, has set upon a quest to eliminate all crime in Equestria, by killing all criminals. And she's willing to kill innocents as well, in order to protect herself.
    • Fluttershy, the Second Kira, likewise believes in Kira's message, and is willing to kill anypony who speaks against her. Twilight objects to this.
    • L is willing to go to any lengths to stop Kira, no matter how morally objectionable.
    • Ace, leader of the Kira Neutrality Movement, believes that the only way to stop Kira is to remove her motivation (crime), and is thus pushing for harsher laws. That this would border on turning Equestria into a Police State and in no way prevents Kira from being a Karma Houdini are acceptable consequences to him.
  • An interesting case in Dungeon Keeper Ami. Both Empress Mercury and The Light qualify in different ways. Mercury wishes to return home, despite bonding to a Dungeon Heart, wich means if she succeads she will draw the Dark Gods after her. The Light knows that Mercury is an unwilling Keeper and has no intention of harming her native world, or the world she now lives in. However, they see no alternative but to oppose her as there seems to be no way to help her without also helping the Dark Gods.
  • Fallout: Equestria
    • Red Eye is this, and naturally fits Face–Heel Turn too. He started his own personal quest to rebuild Equestria, probably long before Littlepip even found her Cutie Mark, but became so driven to reach this huge goal that he let go of his morals. Soon, he had built up an empire upon the backs of slaves, hired merciless mercenaries to protect his assets, and forged a deal with The Goddess (which he planned to break once he worked out how to become a God himself, and kill The Goddess), who was a genocidal maniac herself. All of the things he did, no matter how horrible, were done to achieve the noble goal of rebuilding Equestria and bettering the lives of its inhabitants.
    • Littlepip can classify as one too, or at least she have shades of it. Scootaloo, on the other hand, is a more straight example.
  • In Mare of Steel, this is how Steel Wing sees himself, willing to do whatever it takes to defend Equestria from Supermare. However, it's clear both in and out of universe that he's just a paranoid Knight Templar putting innocents in danger for no good reason.
  • Averted in Kyon: Big Damn Hero. Koizumi absolutely refuses to use his new powers on unwilling subjects, seeking consent before experimenting on them, which makes it difficult for him to practice his powers.
  • The Original Character Big Bad from The Man with No Name is this.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Sarah the Force-sensitive Siren falls into this category. Stopping an alien invasion that ends up taking over a galaxy and nearly taking over a second in the span of a few years may seem to cross the Godzilla Threshold, especially when the aliens in question are the Flood. However, Samantha Shepard, et. al. take issue with killing hundreds of millions of people, or leaving the Terminus systems as a sacrifice to save Council Space—which doesn't even work in the end.
  • Shepherd Of The Stars, a Mass Effect and Sword of the Stars Fusion Fic, features the Liir as these. After several years of slaver raids from the Batarians, their agents come to the conclusion that peace will never be possible and that Batarian culture will always cause them to attack their neighbors. So they try to completely exterminate the Batarians to keep them from hurting anyone else. Only at the end of their attempted xenocide do the Liir realize that they've been duped by the same information control the Batarians used on their citizens and that most of the Batarians they killed were decent people.
  • The Order Triune in the The Dresden Files and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fanfic The Dresden Fillies False Masks see themselves as this. They seek to wipe out any trace of a reincarnated Evil Overlord called Obisidian. This is all well and good, until they've mistaken Harry Dresden, someone they've never even met, as this reincarnated villain. In the process of trying to kill them, they've kidnapped Twilight and Trixie, spied on many ponies, released a hydra that could have killed bystanders, and summoned He Who Walks Behind TWICE, severely injuring the princess. In their final act, before they were themselves sacrificed to summon a demon was to attack the Mane 6 and a disguised Princess Celestia to get to Dresden. When in turns out Obsidian never resurrected, Vigilant Watch, one of the surviving members of the Order Triune, is extremely remorseful for all her crimes, and is dismayed when she is let off so easily by Princess Celestia.
    • Novel Notion, who manipulated the Order into going after Harry, orchestrated their sacrifice, and planned to the same thing to the Mane 6 and Princess Celestia to become powerful himself, claims to be this, trying to create a society rule by ponies (specifically his own cohorts) by eliminating Princess Celestia and getting rid of the Order, and he totally unrepentant about it. While his reasoning for destroying the Order is pretty sound (it also made him what he was), and Princess Celestia admits that she is a tyrant, she also tells him that he would have killed many more ponies to cement his rule.
  • Sudden Contact: The Overmind seeks to end the Reaper cycle by assimilating the entire galaxy to present a united front against the Reapers.
  • The Dumbledore from Dark Dynasty is so desesperate for a powerful saviour he decides to abduct Cora's unborn child. Wiping the mother's memory is no big deal, because hey, she's a bad mother so she doesn't deserve a kid (okay, he's kinda right but still). And he manipulates Harry's life without remorse, as the kid shows a great potential for Dark magic, and it would be such a travesty to let another Dark Lord rise when you can force him onto the the proper way since the beginning, right?
  • In the Bleach and World of Warcraft crossover Transcendence, the Bronze Dragonflight are understandably freaked out about Ichigo's unexplainable ability to permanently alter Azeroth's carefully maintained timeline simply by getting involved in events, leading to changes in time that the dragons can't predict. His presence has already led to the survival of both Adelina and Codexia, both of whom were supposed to die in the main timeline, and Anachronos foresees that Ichigo may completely derail the entire plan of events of Azeroth's future as they are supposed to happen, which in turn may lead to something cataclysmic. As such, they are determined to fix this before it goes any further. Unfortunately, their method of fixing the problem is to simply murder Ichigo when they find him. After all, he can't derail Azeroth's knowable future if he's dead, right? The worst part is that Ichigo doesn't know that he's somehow changing events at all, so he isn't even aware that the Bronze Dragonflight is actively hunting him. Thankfully, his summoning to Azeroth granted him some sort of seal that he's also unaware of that hides him from the dragonflight's ability to locate him through the timestream, meaning that the dragons have to find him the old-fashioned way, something they are having a very hard time doing.
  • Earth's Alien History:
    • Torchwood, as per canon, is a black ops organization determined to protect humanity (and their allies) from potential threats no matter the cost. If that means unleashing chemical weapons on populated planets or breeding enslaved super soldiers, so be it.
    • The Harvesters, as it turns out, aren't destroying planets For the Evulz. They deem it as a necessary evil to prevent life from evolving in a way that would bring back the Reapers, and/or enabling them to strengthen themselves for when the Reapers do come back.
    • The Vinn parasitically possess people, turning them into drones. But this is for the sake of unifying the galaxy to take on the Reapers.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters:
    • It ultimately turns out the Dark Hand's true goal is manipulate the world's governments into accepting the existence of magic and seeking to weaponize it, in order to protect the world from extra-dimensional threats.
    • Jackie becomes this after an Oni mask is forced onto his face and it starts corrupting him. He comes to the conclusion that the only way to keep everyone safe from the constant fighting between good and evil is to steal their shadows and put them into magical comas, thus rendering them unable to fight anymore.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe/Miraculous Ladybug crossover What the Cat Dragged In, this is the result when Hawk Moth akumatizes Tony Stark. The villain essentially wants to teach people to defend themselves against supervillains, without having to depend on heroes to save them...except they do this by trapping people in replicas of the Iron Man armor that only he can control. They also want to get Ladybug and Chat Noir out of the way in the process, because A) they're teenagers and he genuinely believes people as young as them shouldn't take up the burden of being a superhero (which is also part of what triggered Tony's akumatization in the first place); B) without heroes to hide behind, the citizens of Paris will have to accept his methods; and C) because Hawk Moth wants their MacGuffins.
  • Ryokou Mikado antagonizes Shirou multiple times in Fate: Game Night SE, including trapping him and his instructor/love Saeko in the Reverse World in order to find a way to heal Tearju. When Shirou destroys all her minions, Ryokou surrenders and offers her servitude if he can heal Tearju.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Alan Scott, better known as the Green Lantern, has spent decades in his floating Kill Sat, the Green Palace, defending the Earth from any potential alien attacks. The problem is, his definition of "alien attack" includes any alien who isn't a member of the Green Lantern Corp. Because of this, any alien living on Earth or even coming remotely close to the planet is utterly terrified of him, as he'll have no qualms with murdering them even if they don't mean any harm. Izuku lives in constant fear of Scott and the wave of anti-alien hysteria that arose after the Lantern War to the point that he's on the verge of having a panic attack whenever someone seems to be coming close to deducing his identity as an alien.

Death Note

Doctor Who

  • Professor Osmond Stone from The Sleeping Survivors is kidnapping people to put them in suspended animation but does it out of a belief it will help humanity survive an alien attack.


  • Alphamon in Transcendence: Digital Curse seems to truly want to protect the Digital World. However, he believes that every problem that has endangered it originated within the real world. As a result, he wants to completely sever any links the two worlds have to each other. Gennai notes that if such a thing were to actually happen it could even destroy the digital world, but it's unknown if Alphamon actually knows this fact as well. So far, none of his actions seem to have contributed much to this goal. His attempts to eliminate Agumon even seem to be just to spite humanity by stopping them from having a relationship with digimon.

Disney Animated Canon

  • Generals Berg, Kristiani and Olafsen in What About Witch Queen?. Their plan has shades of Insane Troll Logic ( start war with Weselton to prevent war with Weselton), but they honestly believe that what they do is for the good of Arendelle, even if the queen clearly doesn't see it that way.
  • The Master of Worlds from Disney's War — A Crossover Story, the Master of Worlds at first seems one, as he invokes the Utopia Justifies the Means trope in his justifications, claiming that merging all the Disney worlds into one, removing all the troubles caused in the past by travels unbalancing the various worlds, would be a greater good for which the death of the magical beings is a lesser, necessary evil. However, The Reveal that a much more nefarious force controls the Master of Worlds since the beginning pretty much proves that the Master of Worlds was not so "well-intentioned".

Dragon Age

  • Walking in Circles: As in per canon, Solas is this trope with his goal of taking down the Veil and thus destroying the current world, along with many lives in it. But later, his lover Evelyn also becomes one due to her experience before and during the Mage Rebellion. Even Solas’s taken surprised by her decision and he griefs for her loss of innocence to become like that.

Fairy Tail

  • "What Chapter 372 Of Fairy Tail Should Have Been": Unlike Kyouka who tortured Erza For the Evulz, Erza is torturing Kyouka because she believes she is punishing an evildoer, which she thinks is a noble thing.

Fire Emblem

  • In A Brighter Dark, Garon merely wants to save his people from starving to death. And since the Hoshidans refuse to share their wealth, he will take it by force.

Harry Potter

  • In Harry Potter fanfic Reparations, Draco works in the St Mungo's Department of Magical and Chemical Dependence (Chem Dep for short), which is basically rehab for magic folk. Most of the patients are addicted to a wizard drug called Chromia, but there's also a new drug called Chromia X, which is stronger, more addictive and thus more dangerous than regular Chromia. It turns out that the department is constantly running the risk of being shut down because the the board doesn't understand its importance, so the head of the department, Draco's boss, creates and distributes Chromia X because he figures that if the number of patients increases, the board can't justify shutting down the department.


Inside Out

  • In Intercom, one of Riley Andersen's classmates, a girl named Tracy, begins antagonizing her about Hearing Voices (which for Riley are actually her emotions). While Tracy is a bully toward Riley, she does want her to get psychological help since it appears Riley has a mental illness that's getting worse by the day.

Kamen Rider Fourze

  • Damballa in the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades story A Month of Sundays, transformed Shotaro, Haruto and Eiji into Creepy Dolls because he has been trying to find a way to revive his own grandson who got lost in the struggle of the War of the Stars. Unfortunately, he's forcing the transformation on them, shattering their minds in the process and he truly cannot grasp the idea of a human mind. Thankfully, Jun helps him see the light and reunites him with his grandson.

Kingdom Hearts

  • In The Shrouded Path, Vanitas, the Big Bad behind Silent Hill, is responsible for the torture (and often death) of the people who enter the town. However, he honestly thinks he is doing the universe a favour by ridding it of those people's evil.


  • Hausmann in Clear Skies, who just wants to get his planet back. When the battle with the Caldari fleet turns against him, he chooses to surrender rather than get any more of his people killed.
    Hausmann: I came here to get our planet back, but I've lost more of my people in the last five minutes than in the last two years! No more!

Marvel Universe

  • Black Widow in For a Friend spends the entire story manipulating Steve Rogers towards canon events for no readily apparent reason. The final scene of the story reveals that she's working on behalf of Thanos to spare half of humanity, due to Ebony Maw convincing her Thanos planned to wipe out humanity entirely, leaving out that Thanos' SOP is to kill off half of each planet's population.
  • In period piece fanfiction X Men 1970, the "Students Against the Vietnam Insanity" activist group want to raise awareness about the Vietnam War by taking over a building and threatening to set off a bomb if their demands aren't met.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In Chronicles of Harmony's End, Array desires nothing more than to erase his counterpart, Discord and considers backstabbing the Top God (the only one keeping them - especially Discord - in line) a price worth paying for the chance. He then proceeds to lose to Discord.
  • Equestria: A History Revealed:
    • According to the Lemony Narrator, the canon version of Discord is an example of this, at least when compared to the "ultimate evil" of Celestia. Given she says this at the end of a chapter describing all that occurred during his Age of Chaos makes such a claim very questionable, especially when Celestia's regime doesn't seem to do anything as obviously destructive as his.
    • In a more serious example, the former pegasus war hero Thunderhide is a clearer example of this, joining Luna's side after losing faith in the Celestia-Equestrian system, and believing that joining her in destroying it is the only way true change can occur.
  • Inner Demons: Scootaloo, having performed a Face–Heel Turn and joined up with Twilight (who herself had been consumed by her Queen of Darkness persona and become the Big Bad), is this mixed with The Starscream. She admits that, unlike Trixie and Sweetie Belle (who both also had Face Heel Turns around the same time she did), she's known all along what a monster Queen!Twilight is, and has only served her in order to get close enough to kill her and end her rule over Equestria. However (and this is where the Starscream angle comes in), she is clearly enjoying the pain and suffering she inflicts on the heroes, and more to the point, she has no intention of returning the throne to the Princesses — once Queen!Twilight is dead by her hoof, she intends to set herself up as the great Hero who saved the day, and then take the throne for herself.
  • Nightmare Night and Nyx: The conspiracy trying to eliminate Nyx are all convinced she's still evil and has brainwashed the Princesses, and thus has to be destroyed. They all have a collective My God, What Have I Done? moment when they realize how wrong they were.
  • Pages Of Harmony also portrays Twilight as this. All she seems to want is for Harmony to reign in Equestria... which she plans to achieve through performing torture and Mind Rape on her friends to extract their Elements, as well as anypony who gets in the way of her plans.
  • In the Pony POV Series, the second Big Bad, Princess Gaia, Fluttershy's Superpowered Evil Side, is this. She only wants to create a utopia were no one suffers and everyone is brainwashing everyone into being happy and turning every pony into foals in both mind and body.
  • Rolling in Beaches: King Kenbroath and his clan honestly believe that ponies are descended from cursed dragons (it's actually the other way around) and that they must use the Rainbow Pearl to revert it. He doesn't care to ask anypony's permission first because he figures granting them all substantially longer lives and great power would be a blessing.
  • Paradise has the Unicorn chief Phantom Spell. He is an autocratic Unicorn chief stallion, is very (large emphasis on "very") strict on his orders and rules and has zero tolerance on misbehaviour and internal conflict, but he did so to keep his herd safe from the frequent dangers of the Everfree Forest where they live in (such as the Ursa Major that passed through the Unicorn territory later).
  • Misunderstandings: The conspiracy against Peter Collins, a human who ends up Equestria, is actually a subversion but in different ways. For many of the nobles out to get Peter, it is subverted on the "well-intentioned" part. They seek to target Peter, but only because they see him as a way to discredit Princess Twilight in the eyes of Princess Celestia and seek other personal gains, and show almost no concern for who gets hurt in the process. For Sergeant Peppermint York, it is subverted on the "extremist part". She genuinely believes Peter is a dangerous monster and in all fairness Peter did almost fatally shoot Aircolt Swift Wind but is unwilling to hurt other ponies to get to him, and finds herself more and more infuriated by the actions of the conspirators which have endangered lives than with Peter being free in general. When Peter is proven to be totally innocent of any wrongdoing, she confesses to the role she played.
  • Rainbow Factory: The workers want to keep Cludsdale full of Rainbows, which are an important part of their society. They do this by killing failed fliers, all of them children. Though depending on the version you are reading, there are hints that they have other reasons for killing the "weaker" children...
  • Asylum:
    • Dr. Rose, Twilight's doctor who uses highly questionable methods, but it is to make sure that no unicorn ever has to be "cured" by a Keratotomynote . Or at least, that's what claims. Just like most things in Asylum, it is hard to say if this is true or just a lie used to cover a much more sinister motive.
    • Arguably Twilight as well, as she repeatedly uses manipulative tactics and other morally questionable actions that could harm her own friends to try to prove herself right, but only because it's what she believes has to be done to save Equestria.
  • The Lunar Rebellion: Ephor Swift Blade is essentially one such extremist who got his facts wrong. He truly, honestly believes that Celestia is a tyrant, that Nightmare Moon was a better leader who was banished unjustly and should be returned to power, and that Equestria would be genuinely better off as a Pegasus-run military dictatorship. He's wrong, of course, but even if he were right, that still doesn’t excuse allying with warlocks and lunar cultists, violently overthrowing other governments, and using equine sacrifices and Blood Magic to turn a fellow ephor into the Avatar of Nightmare Moon.
  • Love, in All Its Forms: Celestia banishes her niece, Luna's changeling daughter Antumbra, to a desert wasteland to stop her from draining Luna dry of all love and accidentally killing her. She then lies to Luna that Antumbra is dead to keep her from searching for her daughter. The story has No Ending, leaving readers to decide whether or not Celestia was justified in her actions.
  • Best Friends Forever (written by the same author as Love, in All Its Forms): After Fluttershy died of old age, Twilight, not wanting to outlive her remaining friends, devised a method to keep them immortal by isolating them and herself in a castle, magically regressing them into babies and having them live out their lives with her, then turning them into babies again when they get too old. According to Twilight, they weren't happy being regressed at first, but "came around" eventually.
  • Let My Ponies Go!: Celestia realizes that every crisis faced by Equestria has only been defeated because of the Mane Six, but since they're not immortal, Equestria will lose its only defenders when they die. She decides to turn the Mane Six into stone statues to preserve them for when future disasters strike, so they can never die of old age.


  • Ho-oh from Poké Wars wants Pokémon-kind to live in a utopia. He plans to achieve this utopia by engaging in a genocide against humanity. He later goes Jumping Off the Slippery Slope by doing things like ordering wanton killing of Pokémon, contrary to his ideals, utterly ruining the environment and not giving a damn about it, and generally being a filthy hypocrite.
  • The Sky Soldiers from Return of the Hero just want to rid the world of all the cost of Ho-Oh's life and unleashing Pure Impurity, which would result in the destruction of the entire universe.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has several of the examples from the canon media especially among villainous team leaders. The trope is discussed in the Steven Interlude sidestory, where the title character talks to Sawyer about how it's in human nature that everybody has their own vision of the future and strive to make it a reality, but no matter how noble your intentions are, it means nothing if other people must suffer to achieve it.
  • Pokémon Master: The Pokemon League unleashes the Forbidden Pokemon upon the world because Gary Oak have deceived them into believing their post-apocalyptic wasteland of a world will be renewed after the Forbidden are done with it.

Rosario + Vampire


  • In Emergence, Ironwood intends to invade Earth through the newly formed portal and establish a safe haven on the other side for the natives of Remnant.


  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Blackstarr works for Darkseid because she is convinced that there will no be more war and strife if he wins.


Super Mario Bros.

  • In Clash of the Elements, Joe Dark THINKS he is one of these, but as Alex points out to him after learning of his backstory, his ends don't really justify the means.

TRON: Legacy

  • A Whole New Universe has Clu. He conquers, not because he hungers for power, but because he genuinely believes that anything imperfect must be made perfect with all possible means, and that his way is the only possible way. In his own words: "Whenever I look around, I see unexpressed potential. I see cultures that could be so much more. It is my duty to make them reach and exceed that potential. (...) In time, I want everyone to reach perfection.". In the rare event that he fails, he resorts to genocide.


  • In Brewdening Love Expanded Universe, Mary, Hugo's stepsister. In his own words, "It wasn't that she was mean to him—and that was what made living with her so hard. She honestly meant well."


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