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"Join The War Hawks Army"

What is up War Hawks Army and welcome to the official TV Tropes page of the War Hawks!. Originally formed in 2005 by the troper known as red.ranger.elliot and his best friend. The group was originally envisioned as a Power Stable to use in WWE. Originally consisting of 10 members, when Elliot, the leader, moved to Idaho to be with his then girlfriend she introduced him to the world of Let's Plays and Youtube creation in general. After deciding this was what he wanted to do Elliot started using the War Hawks name and brand for everything involved in the project. Thus the reason for this page was born!

The group mainly does video games but can and has branched off into over the things such as challenges, reaction videos. As well as non-video games such as Pokemon Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, and other such things.


While no one has left the group in the 11 years since its formation they have had one member lose contact with them so they were forced to move him to intermediate status which you can find futher down the page, as well as a list of all current members.

Instead of having one Youtube channel to cover all their various exploits they currently only have their individual channels, though Elliot is considering making one for their combined endeavors. Individual members' Youtube/Twitch channels will be found on the character page. Elliot currently has 31 subscribers on Youtube, and 508 (and counting!) followers on Twitter, as well as 151 followers on Twitch. The other various members have varying numbers of followers/subscribers across social media. They also have their own wiki.

Apart from Let's Plays The War Hawks also do other things. Examples include:

  • War Hawks OOC: The War Hawks gather to take some time away from video games to do other things. Such as Cards Against Humanity and Never Have I Ever.
    • War Hawks Game Night: After spending every day for nearly a month over at Beth's house culminating in a 24 hour live stream. They agreed on only coming over on weekends unless it was a special occasion or were invited. This was the result.
  • War Hawks/Ironman Reviews: Elliot and or one of the other War Hawks review a movie/video game that has come out recently, and give their thoughts on it.
  • War Hawks Discussion: The War Hawks take a subject going on in the world currently and give their unfiltered thoughts on it.
  • War Hawks WWE Pay Per View Predictions: Elliot, Steph, TJ, and occasionally some of the other members gather together to give their predictions for an upcoming WWE pay per view. With the winner (read: person with the most correct predictions) becoming The War Hawks Heavyweight Champion and the loser (read: the person with the least correct predictions) having to do a loser challenge.

You can find Elliot's Youtube Channel here and his Twitch channel here they also have Twitter account for the group which can be found here

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    Current Members (Idaho Division) 
  • Elliot (founder)
  • TJ (founder)
  • Stephanie (founder)
  • Beth
  • Chris
  • Amber
  • Lily
  • Stephen
  • Brittany
  • Caveman
  • Hannah
  • Nick
  • Zoe
  • Sols
  • Angel
  • Caffeniated

     Guest Members 
  • Matt note 

    Current Members (Texas And Everywhere Else) 
  • Will (founder)
  • Heath (founder)
  • Devin (founder)
  • Josh
  • Micah
  • Robert
  • Matthew
  • Mikie
  • Desi
  • Stacy
  • Lindsie
  • V
  • Ray
  • Master Mewtwo
  • Shock factor
  • Conker Bunker
  • Dark Dragon X (DDX for short)
  • Ryan
  • Nic (not that one)
  • Steven
  • Edward note 
  • Decim
  • Chelsey
  • Matt
  • Dogder
  • And Many More

  • Some People's real names not used by their request

    Intermediate Members 
  • Anthony

    Games Played 

     On Going Let's Plays 

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