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Vincent "Cinema Snob" Dawn.
Dan: So, let me get to know you better, "Vincent Dawn": What's your favorite movie?
Vincent: Inchon.
Dan: Good one, Vince. No one's actually seen Inchon.

"If I want information, I'll stick with real user edited Internet encyclopedias — like Wikipedia, thank you very much!"

Craig Golightly a.k.a. "Vincent Dawn" a.k.a. "The Cinema Snob" is a lampooning of highbrow art-film lovers who hate any movie which isn't True Art. His backstory was later expanded upon, both within the show and in a movie by Brad Jones (lead actor and writer for The Cinema Snob), revealing that he is a failed exploitation filmmaker who took on a fake identity. Empire and the Cinema Snob are also apparently in the same continuity.

His old focus was old b-horror, exploitation and foreign knockoff films, with the semi-regular porn parody thrown in. More recently he has branched out into Christian Propaganda films and more mainstream slasher movies—or whatever tickles his fancy. Reviews circa 2016 range from Box Office Bombs like Wired and Bushwhacked to cult favorites like The Craft, the oeuvre of Neil Breen, and the Sex and the City movies.


The Cinema Snob Movie was released in 2012, written by Jones and directed by Ryan Mitchelle. They eventually reteamed to produce Another Cinema Snob Movie, which wrapped production in 2018 and was released on July 26th, 2019. In 2019, the Snob also received a spinoff shortform vlog series, Problematic! with The Cinema Snob, in which the character gives a satirical Political Correctness Gone Mad take on a film-related issue of the day or parodies conventions of other kinds of video reviews.


The Cinema Snob has reviewed the following movies:

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Beginning with Edward Penishands, all porn parody reviews are released on the "TheCinemaSnobUncut" Pornhub channel, rather than YouTube, for the foreseeable future.

The Cinema Snob provides examples of:

"... I'll stick with real woodchipper movies — like Fargo, thank you very much."


And with, um, sexual tension?

The protagonist of A Christmas Puppy and his mother are...a little too close for the Cinema Snob's liking.

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