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Feed Dump was a weekly series hosted on youtube after having been hosted on The Escapist for a few years created by the crew of LoadingReadyRun. The show features a host (normally Graham or Kathleen) and two guests poking fun at odd news stories from around the world. After 300+ episodes the last episode aired on febuary 10th 2018. It isLRRs longest running show so far.

Episodes are here.

Feed Dump contains examples of:

  • Artifact Title: "Paul and Matt have to figure out what Graham is talking about" has rarely had either Paul or Matt, let alone both of them, ever since its first appearance.
    • Other segment jingles that include people's names will often show up without those people. Sometimes it'll get lampshaded by a host comment, sometimes the intro jingle graphics will have the names hastily changed, and sometimes it won't change or be mentioned at all.
  • Catch-Phrase: A few.
    • "Good times."
    • "There may be better sources for news, but they don't have this hat."
    • Kate is fond of "Someone's getting fired."
  • Couch Gag: Each of the first hundred episodes opened with a variation of "And now, some (word rhyming with 'news')", often with an accompanying graphic. Seeing as there are limited words rhyming with "news", this was eventually canned.
    • A still-occuring gag is for the host to declare a theme and introduce the people on the episode as being part of that theme. For example, one theme was "things you can't get at Pax", and they introduced themselves as "eight hours of sleep", "a home-cooked meal", and "five square feet of personal space".
  • Halloween Episode: Two in a row - "Dinosaurs" and "Powerless and Nude".
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Quite often with Matt.
    • So much so that he once got thrown off the panel for too many horrible puns, just like in the Phailhaus.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: Pretty much all of the titles.
  • Jingle: Several segments, including "Paul and Matt have to figure out what Graham is talking about", "Why in the hell?", and "Jer and Alex assess the playability of some bullshit".
  • Nice Hat: Graham ends every episode by placing a Nice Hat on his head as he proclaims that other news sources don't have a hat like it. Most episodes contain additional jokes featuring hats.
    • An entire investment market has arisen around predicting the number of hats in the next episode.
  • Negative Continuity: Invoked by Graham after everyone except Paul and Matt die in a van accident on the way back from Comic-Con.
    Graham: No! No! We're not... No! Get out! Get out! Out of the chair! We're not doing that! No narrative in Feed Dump! We're not doing any of that! Get out of here!
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction
    Graham: *reads a news story as a song* It's song time!
    Kathleen: *excited* Can I sing a song?
    Alex: NO!
    Kathleen: *pouts*
    • Also Kathleen's reaction to Alex's "The Great Vagnini".
  • Panel Show
  • Product Placement: The episode "Soldiers of Fortune".
  • Pungeon Master: Matt and Alex.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: The Halloween costume suggestions, including a gorilla who's also a sailor and a construction worker, and The Honorable Judge Pimp Santa.
  • Running Gag: Ron Dewings.Explanation 
  • Shout-Out: "But what keeps such runny feces on such a pointy stick?" "TRADITIOOOOON, TRADITION..."
  • The Stinger: Once an Episode.
  • Special Guest: Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment in this episode.
  • Spiritual Successor: To LoadingReadyRun's previous funny-news series, Phailhaus, which was in turn a Spiritual Successor to "The Whatever Thing."
  • Take That!: The stinger of Criminals & Lawyers has Graham wearing a golden hard hat, a cowboy hat and a police cap on top of each other, stating that he needs a studded leather cap and a feathered headdress. He follows it up by saying, "Coming soon to Team Fortress 2!"
  • That Came Out Wrong:
    Alex: The last time I saw Wow-Butter was in a very interesting store on Church Street in Toronto.
    Kathleen: Now, before you're like, "Great! I'll purchase that to take to school 'cause it's safe for kids," in that case, Wow-Butter is a euphemism for a terrible street drug.
    Alex: I was more going for, like anal lube.
    Kathleen: That is still technically safe for schools, but don't bring it.
    *Alex cracks up*
  • You Keep Using That Word: Cameron points this out when "inertia" is used in relation with sleep.