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ArmoredChocobo (nickname: AC) is a Youtuber that makes Let's Play videos with a focus on obscure, quirky, and under-appreciated games. He trends towards Metroidvania games the most, and constantly refers to La-Mulana, his favorite one, when talking about them.

His style of commentary is half informative, like a walkthrough, and half self-insert "through the characters eyes" humorous jabs at the game and/or a rather vocal omnipresent entity that questions the character's motives and his world around him. More times that not, he fashions up his own little head-canon about the world and how it works, like turning the chaotic and demonic world of Demon's Crest into the dog-eat-dog inner workings of a corporation called "Hell, Incorporated", complete with promotions, 401k's and layoffs.


The former works best when the protagonist is mute, and has at times made a jab at the "mute protagonist" type about how games they starred in would be ruined or wouldn't exist if they spoke for themselves.

When the protagonist is able to speak, this either forges a friendship between A.C. and the character for reaching a common ground about their opinions about the game world, or causes a schism where he starts to argue at the protagonist's dialogue for either imposing their own independence or simply just messing with any made-up assumptions about the game. This becomes ten-fold if the character attempts to break the fourth wall in any way, unless they got really creative about it.

At these times he tends to start acting like some sort of omnipresent, omnipotent, and semi-powerful (or completely impotent, in the case of OFF) entity that heckles the character while steering him towards the destiny the game laid out.



  • Civilized Animal: Though being a Chocobo he lives in an apartment, holds a job, and obviously records videogames for the internet. How he does all these things without being in the papers or causing a general ruckus is yet to be explained and is just hand-waved as general human ignorance.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Any enemy or character with an inconceivable or Lovecraft-like design is labeled this by him. Examples include: All three forms of Secretary in OFF (the last two being nicknamed "Goo Baby" and "Brain Burrito"), the unnamed floating tentacle balls in Beyond Oasis, and "Koolaidio", the Kool-Aid Wizard's summoned creature in the same game.
  • God Job: Played straight by him in ActRaiser, where he calls himself "Master Chocobo" and creates people with lightning while shouting "Rise from your graves!" like Zeus did in Altered Beast. He liked it at first, but then breaks down and starts berating or joking about his Cherub companion for wearing no pants, his worshippers annoying him for very silly and inane reasons, and all the giant monsters bothering them both. It took an island of blasphemers to show him that he needs his people as much as they need him, and then he's just tossed away by all his worshippers after he defeats the final boss, Tanzra.
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  • Intellectual Animal: He is a Chocobo, and he can talk, play video games, and operate a computer. You can believe that or not. Actually, he probably prefers that you don't, because that's one less human to yell out "Holy cow, it's a giant, talking chicken!" at him. He has also gone to college, can speak phrases in Spanish, French, German, and Swedish, and studies up quite extensively on games he covers before recording.
  • Madness Mantra: Sky Whale doesn't exist, there's no such thing as Sky Whale.....
  • There Was a Door: He ran across a wizard boss in the Forest Shrine of Beyond Oasis that sounded like he went "OH YEAH!" when he was casting spells. He went on to suggest that this wizard was named "Kool-Aidio" and preceded the Kool-Aid Man, but instead of just breaking down walls, he then sent his Eldritch Abomination after the children, which violently contradicted his delivery of refreshment.


After intensive and extensive analysis of materials present on the internet, Suspected to be related to DeceasedCrab. Voice spectrum analysis shows similitude in speech patterns and expressions used by the two. Could it be a quirk of evolution, or maybe they were raised by the same person, albeith sharing no ancestors.

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