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Uh, hey guys. Uh, my name is Alan. You probably know that because you've seen the Twitter I've been... Gifted with. There's people congregating over there, but, uh, the thing I wanted to show you was outside...

Alan Long is an Alternate Reality Game and Urban Fantasy web series. Loosely based on the "What is Twigs?" ARG, the series follows two teenagers as they are stalked by a cult of masked people and an unseen monster that may or may not exist.

The titular hero of the series, Alan, comes home one day to find his house broken into. Upon further inspection, he discovers that the perpetrator is still inside of his house and is meddling with his stuff. He decides to use an old camera to find the guy. Then things get weird.

The associated Character Blog on Twitter is here., and the companion channels can be found here and here.


Alan Long contains examples of:

  • Abandoned Area: The lake bed looks more like an ancient exposed drainage tunnel than an actual lakebed.
  • Alien Geometries: The trail is implied to be this. Though Alan claims it's only a couple of miles in size, the cuts in Return to the Trail imply that he and Vincent walk through it for hours.
  • Dynamic Entry: The Watcher's entrance in Trail Footage. They burst through the treeline directly in front of Alan and Vincent.
    Alan: Fucking shit!
    Vincent: What the-
    Alan: Run!
  • Found Footage Films: The whole series is done using amateur documentary-like footage filmed by Alan.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Alan and Vincent have no video proof of Twigs even existing and believe that the viewer's should just take their word for it.