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VG Chartz is a site dedicated to tracking the sales of Video Games and Video Game Systems. The methodology for determining sales isn't as extensive as professional sales tracking organizations, such as NPD in the United States and Media Create in Japan, but the site does adjust sales once numbers from those groups come in. It's been slowly gaining respect, often quoted on gaming news sites when a significant sales milestone is reached, although several people have called their tracking methods and reliability into question


The site also has a community of users. Unfortunately, this also attracts Trolls, but the site has better moderation than similar sites.

This site provides examples of:

  • Fanboy: Hard to avoid on any boards, but mods do a better job of keeping them in check.
  • Troll: A few, but moderators are more active than on other sites notorious for trolling.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Enforced. The site was originally, and they later expanded into a .com, but was already registered.


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