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Unity United is a xat community that branched off from a forum game known as Pokemon Royal Rumble. Unity United hosts a community of goofy peas in a pod who all have some bizzare quirk about them and also happen to be egocentrical enough to make their own trope page. The xat also spawned several stories created by Will, the owner. Here is a list of characters along with the tropes appearing in the stories and other interactions on Unity United.


Current Members:

  • Will
  • Jared (Endoplasmic Reticulum)
  • Mug
  • João (Josef Stylin/Bullkid)
  • Travis (Digipoke/Captain Doctor Digi)
  • Joey (Ruby XIII/Burakoru)
  • Gryoine
  • Chris (Grey Walrus/Robotic Wind)
  • Carlos (Sigh!)
  • Roelof (Gryghaim)
  • Joe (Hydroswampert)
  • Jade
  • Jordan (Paradoxe)
  • Trevor (Rayquaza is green)
  • Octoboy
  • Max (YDT)
  • William (Will-powered Spriter)
  • Marie (Eifie)
  • Hector (flamebeam)
  • Maddox (Charze)
  • Bre (immakitty)
  • Kevin (Grim Heaper)
  • Dillon (Sir DJ)
  • Sam (Sasukat)

Former members(Or at least the ones that people gave a shit about):

  • Amy (Plusle+Minun)
  • Andrew (Shadeace)
  • Sam (Shazdar)


This community shows examples of:


Example of: