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The Zeldathon Team is a group of gamers who play the Legend of Zelda games for charity (and sometimes other games as well.) They are located on Mars note  and host marathons twice (or more!) a year, one in winter and one in summer.

So far they have had twenty five marathons:

  • Zeldathon For Charity - $300.00
  • Zeldathon for the American Cancer Society - $3,322.18
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  • Skypeathon by the Zeldathon Team for Child's Play - $5.01
  • Zeldathon for the American Diabetes Association - $4,001.00
  • Zeldathon Quest - $2,672.07
  • Zeldathon for the American Red Cross - $13,280.00
  • Zeldathon for Child's Play - $15,473.00
  • Ultimate Zeldathon for Child's Play - $27,175.63
  • Zeldathon Water for charity: water - $45,273.00
  • Zeldathon Lives for the National Foundation for Transplants - $53,038.84
  • Zeldathon: Headstone for a Hero - $10,202.01
  • Zeldathon: St. Jude - $54,965.05
  • Zeldathon Adventure - $100,552.00
  • Zeldathon Relief - $104,000.00
  • Zeldathon Deluxe - $195,959.37
  • Zeldathon Hope - $251,554.00
  • Zeldathon Recovery - $229,175.00
  • Zeldathon Classic - $27,546.21
  • Zeldathon Cures - $375,309.42 and rising!
  • Zeldathon Wild - $169,982
  • Zeldathon Mission - $224,665
  • Zeldathon Champions - $160,013
  • Zeldathon Response - $165,000
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  • Zeldathon Heals - $170,000
  • Zeldathon Forces - $171,000

The official website can be found here.

This event provides examples of the following:

  • Accidental Misnaming - Zak Oddish Ondish, although he doesn't mind... much.
  • Amusing Injuries - The viewers could donate to have Alex get punched in various areas depending on the amount donated. This resulted in a lot or arm punches, chest punches and one Groin Attack.
    • This was one of the themes of the Punishment system introduced in Zeldathon for Child's Play and continued (in some form) for every Zeldathon since. People could make the team do various things depending on the amount donated, like having a Shout-Out, or having the Zeldathoners dance. One time, Numbers got so much slaps in the face that it was completely numb. Numbers later got their revenge though.
    • When they were aiming to meet a $15,000 goal for Child's Play, Silver was slapped repeatedly too. One chat member figured that it would be around 65 or so slaps in order to make it.
      Andy: And down goes the Swede.
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    • Subverted during Lives when MCGamer tripped and injured his knee, and had to be taken to hospital to get crutches and a cast on it. The chat had to be locked down to prevent mass hysteria as thousands of fans wanted to know what had happened and wanted to wish him well.
    • Also during the Zeldathon for Child's Play, Numbers, Andy, MC, and Silver had to be slapped, so they coordinated the 4-Way Slap: Numbers slapped Andy who then slapped Silver who then slapped MC who then slapped Numbers, and then back around.
    • During Zeldathon Water, one of the more expensive and rare punishments were to duct-tape 2 (or more) random hosts together.
  • Announcer Chatter - They are sometimes even more interesting than the games themselves.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap - Slaps are a selectable punishment. Later expanded to 4-way slaps, sword fights, and prop fights in Adventure.
    Silver: You were holding back?! I will never insult a girl, ever! Now, make her slap my other cheek to return my face to normal.
    • Recurring Zeldathoner 'Lizerdoo' is infamous for giving audibly painful slaps, to the point where 'Lizrage' is a recurring donation goal.
  • Ascended Fan - Captain Trina, who became more known around MC's "Triple Triangle Club" after the Hyrule Academy podcast premiered, is one of the newcomers of Zeldathon Hope.
  • A Wizard Did It - At some times when the audience asked how something worked they would get the reply: Magic.
    • When the question involved the games, the reply was "Nintendo Logic."
    • Taken to new levels in Adventure when the default answer to all questions was "It's for charity."
  • Back from the Dead - Silver "died" because of the Hot Sauce, but was revived when the donation counter reached $600
  • Berserk Button - Don't mention Hot Sauce so that Silver hears it.
    • Also, Ezlo from Minish Cap is a hate object of Silver's
    • Button 17.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall - It's on the goal wheel.
  • Brief Accent Imitation - While playing Twilight Princess during Zeldathon for Child's Play, Numbers proceeded to voice act for many of the characters. The accents ranged from British to Australian to just a really high squeaky voice for the villain.
    • Charissa also voiced Midna for a little while, and Numbers was very freaked out by it when she started.
    • Silver voiced Ghirahim during Zeldathon Lives to very humorous results.
      Silver: Ghiraheem away! Pewf!
    • One of the highlights of Zeldathon Lives was Alex voicing "Arnold Shiekzenegger" for OoT Master Quest.
    • Adventure has used this several times. Including during A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker.
  • Crossover - Happens on occasion with Cosplays. Most notably, during Recovery, Ravio fought Kylo Ren for control of the Triforce.
  • Dance Party Ending - After Numbers conquered the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess, during the Zeldathon for Child's Play.
    • Some of the donation incentives during Zeldathon Lives and St. Jude were to have a 'couch dance party'.
  • Eat That - How about half a bottle of Hot Sauce?
    Silver: Let's never speak of this again.
    • Ghost peppers, or the Bhut Jolokia chili pepper. Prepare the glasses of milk.
    • The 'Chubby Bunny' challenge, done during Zeldathon Lives, which involves seeing how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth. The chat was concerned with the safety aspect of this punishment.
    • An entire jar of peanut butter. Viewers were merciful though and let them leave it halfway.
    • One recurring goal was "Super/Ultra Kool-Aid," which involves a pitcher of water, an absurd amount of kool-aid powder, and everything from meat to hot sauce.
  • Epic Fail - The Skypeathon is considered to be this. Also Zeldathon 1, though to a much lesser extent.
    • It is quite a regular tradition for the donation system to be broken, at least since Relief.
    • Speaking of which, the breaking of Pitch in Box, the donation system in Deluxe. note 
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" - Numbers' Dad.
  • Fan Art - The audience could send them in and have them shown (for donations).
    • Later, fanart would be posted as part of the Stream's twitter integration feature.
    • Recovery took it to the next level, with "meme image" contests.
  • Fan Boy - On the last day of Zeldathon ADA, Numbers got a call from Dain Bramaged over their phone... they started dancing...
  • Funny Background Event - Became more frequent as the "Stream Room" grew larger. Ranges from people dancing, to things being thrown to/from offscreen, to even disembodied voices.
  • Funny Foreigner - Martin Silver, all the way from Sweden.
    Silver: This English thing is difficult.
    • Newer members 'Wilco' (who is Dutch) and '0rganics' (who is British) may also fall under this category.
  • Heroic BSoD - Silver, after he had beaten Skyward Sword.
    • Everyone, after they had seen Andy's costume.
    • Nearly everyone at Zeldathon Water when Numbers was forced to dance with their shirt off.
    • Torchbane and Numbers danced for a donation goal during Zeldathon Lives, and afterwards pretended to kiss each other. MC took a minute to recover.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun - Silver fought for his life during his battle against Death.
    • Newcomer Sora makes whole host of these throughout Zeldathon Adventure.
  • Knee-capping - SuperMCGamer was put temporarily out of action during Lives when he badly injures his knee after tripping on something and has to go to the hospital. He returns a few hours later with a pair of crutches and a cast.
  • Large Ham - Silver. Oh my Gardevoir, Silver. Oh, and MC too.
    • Scott is one if you have him do a funny voice.
    • Andy in his Great Fairy form.
    • The biggest ham of all is Zach, AKA BushelOfCheweyGoodness, AKA NotJamesKPolk because he's a long-dead US President.
  • Motor Mouth - MC is a master at this.
  • Must Have Caffeine - They are playing games for three days or more, what do you expect?
  • Nice Hat - Numbers sports a fedora, it can't get much better than that. Silver's double fedora may count as well.
    • King Bacon's fedora during Recovery qualifies as well. Especially when an Epic Pose is rolled on the Goal Wheel.
  • Off the Rails - Most of the second half of Groose: The Musical
  • Planet of Hats - The ratio of people wearing hats at Zeldathon is almost 1:1, and with various types of hats as well.
    • Taken to its logical ending with the Hat Stack goal.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge - During Zeldathon: Child's Play, not only did Silver do a 3-heart run of Minish Cap, he did its first dungeon blindfolded (being guided by MC), the second dungeon upsidedown and the third dungeon wearing a Steve-head.
    • The subject of quite a few punishments that involved the player playing the next room with the controller by their head, while blindfolded, while upside down, or with one hand. Or several of them simultaneously.
    • MC played the second half of The Wind Waker HD only using his nose to equip items during Adventure.
  • Shout-Out - Silver kept saying "Donate to make cancer feel foolish" during the second Zeldathon.
  • Song Parody - A very large donation was received requesting MC to sing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". The issue was that they couldn't have copyrighted content on the stream, but MC recalled that parodies fall under fair use.
    MC: I want your donations, as long as they're free. I want your cash. Cash, cash, cash!
    • In 'Zeldathon: Adventure,' one of the donation goals was for Numbers to sing 'Still Alive' from the point of view of Professor Oak. Hilarity Ensued.
    • The Fresh Hero of Hyrule, composed by MC (acting as Ravio) during A Link Between Worlds in Adventure.
  • Team Mom - Liz.
    Liz: I birthed all of this!
    • Newcomer Mojo is also this - she has dubbed herself "Aunt Zeldathon"
  • Tempting Fate - If viewers could raise $27,000 for Zeldathon Water before the game was finished, Numbers was to do another 3 heart run of the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cave of Ordeals. They confidently said raising the remaining $7,000 during a single game had never been and wouldn't be done. 12 hours later, he got to eat his words.
    • Nearing the end of Zeldathon Water, Numbers agreed to dancing with their shirt off if they could get the total to $45,000 before the stream ended. Cue viewers raising the remaining $2,000 in about 10 minutes.
    • Quite a few times during Zeldathon Lives, including early in the morning when Numbers challenged that they would do the Cave of Ordeals (as always) if they broke the total of Zeldathon Water. This was when they were already a few dungeons into Twilight Princess. Their donations at the time they brought it up? $35,000. And they did it. note 
      Numbers: Come on guys, we are still $10,000 away from reaching the goal for Cave of Ordeals! Make me eat my words!
    • During Adventure, Scott set a goal to speedrun the trials in A Link Between Worlds. Thanks to copious stalling and some big donations, it was finally met.
  • That Russian Squat Dance - Hilariously attempted by Silver during Ultimate Zeldathon.
  • Voice with an Internet Connection - The Skype guests and to a lesser extent, the chatroom.
  • Wacky Marriage Proposal - Someone donated $1 during Recovery to propose to their girlfriend. She said yes.
  • Milestone Celebration - A brief celebration was had during Zeldathon Recovery, when the collective total for all Marathons hit $1,000,000.00 after a $300 donation from DarkDecay.
    • There's also a much larger celebration whenever the "goal" of a Marathon is reached.