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The RWP (short for the "Rare Witch Project") was launched in 2001 by netizens / über haxxorz Ice Mario and SubDrag and is an Internet site dedicated to video games, specifically Rare games, and a repository for their fandom. The site attained a bit of fame in its early days when its founders found a way to get a number of secret, apparently unreachable items in the game Banjo-Kazooie without hacking. These items were meant to be used in a special feature called "Stop & Swop" that was ultimately dummied out of the game, rendering them worthless. In no way did this curb the flow of insane theories about them that flooded the site for years.

With the area of the site dedicated to creating and discussing these insane theories long since removed, the RWP currently exisis as a site for all games, though it mostly focuses on Nintendo and Microsoft Studios, Rare's former and present homes. It hosts an active forum where members are free to discuss anything from the Queen's head to the taste of mild cheddar. It boasts a small but dedicated population of Tropers, too.


This website provides examples of:

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: A lot of members, actually.
  • Cosmetic Award: For a long time the site had a "reputation" system, but it was abused repeatedly and became the "Mine's Bigger" argument every time it was discussed, causing Flame Wars and ultimately leading to its removalnote . The site currently has an "Awards" system, which is this trope exactly.
  • Face–Heel Turn - Occasionally a random member of the site will gain the ire of everyone else, usually without explanation.
  • Fanboy/Fangirl: For a long time, the site had an "Other Games" forum for things other than Nintendo and the Xbox 360, which mentioned it was for "you misguided PS3 fans."
  • Flame War: If you say anything positive about the Xbox Kinect, mention so there at your own peril. Although anything in general can ignite one.
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  • Ho Yay / Les Yay - Stay on the site for a good 5 minutes. You'll see it.
  • Jerkass - Some of the longtime users end up this way due to Small Name, Big Ego (see below).
    • Forum user "Pinkbull" is officially referred to by the site as a whole as the "RWP Jerk."
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: The admin Grey Jinjo.
  • The Juggernaut:Former member Lamentofgrunty. He is said to be the most persistent and worst spammer to ever join the forums not even SSD Zelda came close to his level. A spammer of the vBulletin era who was nigh unstoppable, to the point where even Grey Jinjo famous ban hammer (ip ban) was rendered ineffective as his use of proxies negated this effect. He used an unprecedented amount of sock puppets. Gold Jinjo stated that the only method capable of stopping Lamentofgrunty was completely shutting off registration to the forums itself. Though lamentofgrunty fell victim to the greatest April Fool's prank in RWP history. The banned list "Grunty's rejects" is named after him.
  • Long-Distance Relationship - Quite a few lovers have met over the RWP.
    • Which becomes very bizarre when you realize that many of said "lovers" are under 18 years old (on both sides of the alleged "relationship"). Also when you realize that many have still never met face-to-face after beginning a "relationship."
      • Members "Ice Mario" and "Mandy" respectively have gone on to have successful relationships IRL; Much to the amazement of the rest of the community. Years later, it was announced they were having a child.
    • Members "Mandolin" and "Carthago Delenda", even though they did not meet on the RWP.
    • Members "Dan" and "Korra" were in a relationship for a number of years before winding up getting married.
  • New Era Speech - "We are the RWP. If people want to refer to us as the rare witch project for old times sake, then that's up to them." ~Ice Mario, site co-founder
  • Podcast - Dubbed the Rare Witch Roundtable. Originally a podcast between the site's administrators/moderators, but recently, the podcast has been open to a select few guest members.
    • Before that, there was a small podcast made by four members that were all friends. The moment the first episode of this podcast came out, the official one was announced.
    • But before that, an old forum member named 'dmoss' hosted his own unofficial RWP Podcast. This became a trend, and soon other members started making podcasts as well before the admins/mods declared their own official podcast.
      • If this troper recalls correctly Kablamooie had a podcast before that or around the same time.
  • Pun-Based Title - The Rare Witch Project. Sound familiar?
    • Also, as of a few years ago, the sites logo is a visual pun based on the films logo.
  • Running Gag - The 'Almost Anything Goes' forum las long been described as a place for discussion about anything "from the Queen's head to the taste of mild cheddar."
    • Every now and then, an often new member feels the need to create a topic regarding mild cheddar. Recently, the topic description has been changed to "mild chowder."
  • Samus Is a Girl / There Are No Girls on the Internet - Just about every female member on the site. It usually takes up to them posting in the Face To The Name thread before most realize.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Tanjo
    • Also, the site itself, for making it's own page here despite having about 20 active members and being entirely irrelevant.
  • Tournament Arc - Random Member competitions will occasionally pop up, where members are pitted against each other and everyone votes for who they think the better poster is.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? - Members, especially new ones, will often disappear without explanation, moreso than on other similar sites.

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