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The Duffel Blog, frequently described as a military version of The Onion, takes a similar satirical approach to reporting on everyday life in the weird and wonderful world of the US Military. It was founded in March of 2012 by Marine veteran Paul Szoldra, and has also expanded into "radio" and video, in the form of humorous clips of soldiers in their natural habitat taken from the internet.


Much like its civilian counterpart, people have mistaken The Duffel Blog for a legitimate news source, generating much hilarity in the comments section of each article. Unfortunately, this occasionally extends to legitimate news media organizations as well.

The Duffel Blog also runs satirical advice columns written by cast of colorful characters like Top the Non-Friendly Neighborhood First Sergeant, a wise, crusty old relic of the older and less politically correct military; the Barracks Lawyer, who dispenses his own unique brand of legal advice; and the Public Affairs Officer, who gives canned responses to just about everything.


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