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The Comment Section (or TCS for short) is an internet forum that started in 2013. It spawned from the Cracked comment section, created by Tesseracts when members of the community were afraid the comment section was going to be deleted. The forum contains the famous members of the Cracked comment section, such as ButtChocolate, JamesT, typical_michael, Australia, Ericthebearjew, Edgar Cabrera, and others. The forum's roster even contains a few of the contributors from


Since then, the forum has been growing and slowly separating itself from Cracked and forming its own identity. It's even caught the attention of Majestic-12. The community is laid back and very welcoming to newcomers and it's not hard to become a part of the group. Topics of conversation range from serious debate about political and social issues to puns and general silliness, so the forum appeals to a broad demographic. The Comment Section has games such as differing variations of the Mafia party game and Haunted House, articles and content written by some of the users, a movie night, and several events and contests.

Here's the link to the site.


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