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The Betoota Advocate is a satirical Australian news website, claiming to be the oldest newspaper in the country. It also claims to be published in the town of Betoota - since 2004, its population has been 0. In September 2014, the newspaper purportedly made the transition to a website. Editor Clancy Overell's and editor-at-large Errol Parker's journalism has made its way into some of Australia's largest news outlets, with examples such as Weekend Today on Channel 9 reporting on a Sydney parking inspector who accidentally booked himself. The story was originally published in the Betoota Advocate, but evidently numerous the journalists failed to notice that the newspaper is satire.


  • Artistic License – Geography: When asked where Betoota is located, the editors tend to give geographically impossible answers such as "on the Queensland-South Australian border".
  • News Parody: This goes over some peoples' heads.
  • Running Gag: In the wake of major real world events, it's not uncommon for the site to run a dozen or more articles with variations on the same joke.

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