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A website created in 1999, which is devoted to an eclectic mixture of mostly British Cult TV from days gone by. Its reviews are highly irreverent, sprinkled with humour but also very well researched.

The Anorak Zone features dedicated review sites for the following programmes, which are mentioned elsewhere on TV Tropes:

It is perhaps best known — mostly for all the WRONG reasons — for its attached forum, which is pitched as being Adults Only, and where the humour used is very dark indeed, the usual tone of discussions being inspired in large part by the crudity of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's seminal Derek and Clive series.

One of the mods has summed the forum up thus: "Let's face it, we're talking about an establishment run by a man habitually bewildered by the arcane operation of a simple household refridgerator and including, among its membership, misanthropes, sociopaths, transvestites, Americans, Mexicans, Tories, and Scousers, Australia's answer to Ed Wood, two people with an unhealthy obsession for a 1980s police show, Harry 'Aitch' Fielder, and even the odd (bloody odd) Catherine Tate groupie. If you could distill all that into a spirit it would likely be 975% proof and kill small children, parrots and puppies on contact."


The forum also features discussion sections devoted to Comic Books, popular music, and Doctor Who, although none of these things have an official site on

The main site is, according to Alexa, the 4,767,129th most popular site on the net, something that the proprietor is more than happy to claim as a victory.

The website has been re-opened, after an extended period of rest.


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