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An imageboard style website dedicated to running Quests, a type of Interactive Fiction where posters suggest actions or give advice to the protagonist of a story. Think of it as a hybrid of Choose Your Own Adventure stories and a forum based Roleplaying Game.

Formerly known as tgchan, reflecting its roots as a board made when quests were banned from 4chan's /tg/ board.note 

Quests run on Questden or by Questden authors include:

  • Acid Soup: A girl got something stolen from her, but she doesn't know what in a city where that could be practically anything.
  • AsteroidQuest: A sprawling science fiction adventure in a high tech setting featuring many distinctive alien races.
  • Dive Quest An ex-prince named Muschio claims a dungeon for himself and strives to become the greatest villain the world has ever known.
    • Knight Blades: A parallel story about a knight errant seeking to eliminate a great evil and to serve his master, Muschio.
  • Dorf Quest: The quintessential dorf experience.
  • Dungeoneer: A Dungeon Heart trying to expand her dungeon and maybe become a better person.
  • Enemy Quest: Years after an alien invasion, a young man has signed up to date some of the resettled refugees.
  • Fen Quest: A kobold on a quest to make a name for himself and marry his love.
  • A Little Town Called Coxwette: A fugitive, randy tomcat tries to hide out in a lovely little Town with a Dark Secret.
  • Mudy Quest: A kobold named Mudy out to claim a kingdom as his own.
  • Nan Quest: A spiritual successor to Rubyquest about a goat repairwoman in a dangerous place.
  • Tiny Cat People: Create Tiny Cat People and try to be a good god to them.
  • Trashy Vampire Romance Novel: TVRN is the un-life of the recently-turned vampire Ricardo Castro and the messy situations he gets into.
  • Viral By Committee: Try to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Then it gets weird.
And a lot more quests without work pages. Those should be added to this list when they get one.

This site provides examples of:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: NORTHERN SERGAL.
  • April Fools' Day: This spawned a number of joke one-shots, most of which involving Flails Breaker, a character from Bite Quest, giving out ice cream.
  • Art Evolution: Some quests bear this, for example Mudy Quest.
  • Deconstruction: Trash Quest deconstructed what would happen if someone actually found a talking ball full of imageboard posters. It was immediately smashed and shattered by a shovel.
    • Many quests are designed to be deconstructions of popular fantasy tropes, though some work better than others.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Penji, the Tozol from Tozol Quest. Being a hyperdimensional alien creature with a metabolism ten times as fast as a human will do that.
  • Extremophile Lifeforms: One of the recurring races is the Criai, who can only live in very cold environments.
  • First-Person Smartass: A good part of quests use first-person narration, but the protagonist of Fiend Quest is a demon of pride. And boy does he have a lot, to the point of sometimes belittling the readers.
  • Gameplay-Guided Amnesia: A frequent way of explaining why the posters have no idea what's going on or about the setting
  • Hearing Voices: Many quest protagonists perceive the suggestions as this, often reacting by suspecting they've gone crazy (most other protagonists simply don't perceive the suggestions consciously at all).
    • Breakfast Quest plays with this by making it a natural trait of the protagonist's species: their brain is just wired that way. Detractors would say they have congenital schizophrenia. This carries on to their dreams, even when they dream they're someone else.
    • The defunct Exquisite Bride Obsession started on the assumption that suggesters were the protagonist's demonic advisor, but they never picked up on this the protagonist simply ended up unaware of the voices.
  • Machine Blood: In Rollback, androids/full-body cyborgs like the protagonist bleed coolant, which looks bright blue.
  • Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Sometimes happens when quest authors get tired of their quest
  • Running Gag: Both within and across various quests, some of the more iconic being:
  • Spiritual Successor: Nan Quest to Ruby Quest.
  • Shout-Out: Happens between quests fairly often.
  • Stylistic Suck: Some Quests have this artstyle, most notably Silvermoon Clan Inheritence Wars Chronicles: My Brother I Will Defeat You or Totally Free Income Method.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Quests sometimes add the suggesters to make a new outfit for the protagonists. With a Running Gag originating from PokémonQuest. The first paper doll in Fen Quest had only one submission, because it immediately seduced everyone.

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