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"So, how could we describe the average Pajiba reader? I dunno. I doubt you could distill it, but I'd say: Well-educated, liberal leaning, well-read, cynical smaller-budget movie fans that really don’t care for The Human Centipede and are very judgmental. How's that for a target audience?"
Dustin Rowles, Pajiba publisher and writer

Pajiba is a movie, TV, and book review website that prides itself on its snark. It has a small, but growing and very devoted readership.


The regular commenters are referred to as the Eloquents. The Official Pajiba Dictionary defines them as, "...Pajiba contributors, link-whores and commenters in mass. Semi-ironic given the — ahem — quality of commentary. Yet, an exalted state. If you have to ask whether you're one of the Eloquents, you aren't." The last part there may indicate a cliquey sort of vibe, but don't be fooled. Though very tight-knit and heavily-laden with in-jokes, new voices are definitely encouraged and welcome.

Among its various reviews, Pajiba also has several features including Pajiba's Guide to What's Good for You,Seriously Random Lists and The Weekly Murdertank. There is also a daily linkspam post called Pajiba Love which usually consists of a mix of celebrity gossip and articles about assorted hoo-hah and usually concludes with a funny video clip.


According to the site, the name is pronounced "like a part of the female anatomy, if you have a bit of a cold, which makes it an awfully enjoyable word to say."

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