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"The Great Split is coming."
— Ancestors to various Medicine Cats.

Now Is Forever is a Play By Post Game website about a group of eight kits called Spottedkit, Stonekit, Swiftkit, Sandkit, Silverkit, Stormkit, Shadowkit and Streamkit, their parents Foxfur and Rivermist and the four Clan leaders, Ashstar, Specklestar, Willowstar and Ravenstar (or five if you count Adderstar, which is a spin-off of the Warrior Cats books.


It features foxes, dogs, twisted webs of lies and deceit and a lot of anger.

The Plots:

A half-Clan queen in WindClan and a half-Clan warrior from another Clan have eight kits. The kits are raised in their mother's Clan until they are three moons old, when things change.

Abruptly the queen realizes that she can't keep all eight kits in WindClan, so she keeps two of them in her Clan and sends two kits to live in each of the other three Clans.

Each of the kits make it to being an apprentice, but one apprentice in each Clan dies before their warrior ceremony. The remaining apprentices each take the prefix of their deceased sibling for their suffix.


Five she-cat warriors of WindClan and RiverClan have been great friends for moons, and decide to do something crazy. They plan to get pregnant and have kits all at the same time, but one thing they don't count on is how many kits this really means!


The five queens each have four or five kits... that's a lot of kits to be born at the same time! But no-matter how tumultuous the idea seems, the queens have no idea what shocking change will come of their innocent plot.

Confused yet? You should be.

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