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Neon Mob is a website created in 2011. It's a website that's based around collecting and trading digital cards of different rarity. A few packs can be opened every hour, or they can be bought using real money.

Visit it here.

Tropes related to the website:

  • Allegedly Free Game: Collecting cards from free packs is really slow, and those run out faster than paid packs.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: The goal is to collect all cards in a set.
  • Permanently Missable Content: If a card series goes out of print, no new packs may be opened, and you have to rely on trades.
  • Play Every Day: If you keep opening packs every day, you'll eventually be able to open more per day.
  • Retraux: The "Pixels and Sticks" category has retro-aesthetic cards.


Tropes related to specific card series:

  • Arc Words: Game Guys always has normal descriptions like "Maybe he's X" and color descriptions like "Clearly, he's X."
  • Butt-Monkey: Unlucky Ducky shows a duck that meets many bad occurences, from spoiled milk to a Kaiju attack.
  • Hipster: Game Guy 15 from Game Guys. His normal description says "Maybe he's a hipster", and his Color description says "Clearly, he's a hipster." He does have hipster hairstyle.
  • Oculothorax: The Gumpies features one-eyed monsters.
  • Take a Third Option: Red Blue Bot War has two bot sides: Red (which are powerful, but there's not as many) and Blue (which there are many of, but they're weaker). However, there's also an Emerald Bot, and it says "Actually, only the owner of Emerald Bot can win the war."


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