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He's Lee and he's Juan.

What's your favourite film that NONE of your friends have seen?

Movies You May Have Missed is a website dedicated to showcasing the lesser known classics that may have passed you by. Hosted by Juan Carlos Bagnell and Lee Buckley, MYMHM attempts to promote films that they feel need a bit more love.

Every week the duo take on a new movie that they feel, despite often not being perfect, deserves a second chance from film lovers. While they never take things too seriously, they do make a point of choosing films they genuinely enjoyed, rather than selecting a host of So Bad, It's Good movies. Juan and Lee discuss why they each enjoyed the feature and why it didn't achieve any mainstream success, often talking about elements of the movie that may appeal to some but put off others.

Feel free to take a look at films on TV Tropes' own Needs More Love page, too.


This website provides examples of:

  • And Now For Something Completely Different: Episode 50. Breaking from the usual formula, this episode is not about a movie you may have missed, but rather one they hope you won't.
  • Author Appeal: Juan loves his zombie horror flicks.
  • Catchphrase: Classic.
  • Didn't Think This Through: When looking at This Is England someone might have checked the date the episode was due to drop on. March 17th. A fact they acknowledge when they posted the video with the heading "This Is England (Not Ireland)".
  • Dueling Movies: As it's sometimes pointed out; some movies have a hard time gaining traction because they have the unfortunate luck of coming out right around another similarly themed film.
  • Genre Savvy: They commend Let the Right One In for having a character be this by actually asking if a person is a vampire rather than act as if no-one in the real world is aware of vampire myths.
    Lee: Why does she bite their neck and drink their blood? Is she unstable mentally?
    Juan: And every time she's by the sun she starts to sizzle.
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  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": During the Sunshine episode Lee pronounces Cillian Murphy's first name with a soft C ("Sillian") much to Juan's amusement when correcting him.
  • Only Sane Employee: Marie, the show's off-camera producer.
  • Precision F-Strike: Sometimes the "Dubious Award For..." is the "Dubious The Fuck Award For..."
  • Running Gag: The Dubious Award. Essentially they point out a part of film that they didn't like due to it being out of place or just Narm.
  • Verbal Tic: Yes.
  • What Did You Expect When You Named It ____?: Mentioned regarding "Icarus II" in Sunshine.
  • Zonk/Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Their "Dubious Award For..." which every movie has at least one of even if can be explained away as an actor's choice in performance.


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