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All the news that has been deemed fit to print.

"The Ministry of Harmony" is a satirical website that has dubbed itself as "The Onion for China." It presents a humorous take on news items from China, as well as Chinese viewpoints on events that occur in other countries.

The name "Ministry of Harmony" is obviously influenced by the various ministries from 1984, as well as the concept of the "Harmonious Socialist Society" envisioned by former Chinese Leader Hu Jintao, which domestic and foreign critics have derided as being Doublespeak for "stability at all costs", and an excuse for governmental suppression of dissidents and increased online censorship. In addition, if abbreviated in the fashion of 1984, it becomes the aptly-named MiniHarm.


Frequent targets of MiniHarm include the Chinese Communist Party, corruption in the Chinese government, Chinese nationalism, and pollution in China.

The site can be found here

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