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"And I just want you all to know that there are things far worse than drowning puppies."
— The Media Slayer

Media Slayer Productions is a site very similar to That Guy with the Glasses, in that it's a host site for various media reviewers and commentary. Created by Arthur Fudge, aka The Media Slayer, in early 2010, the site currently boasts a staff of about ten or so columnists. Some of these contributors, including The Fanfic Critic, already had decent followings before joining the site; others didn't really appear on the scene until after joining Media Slayer.


Probably the most controversial thing to ever happen to MSP so far is the section "Things You Can't Do On Yahoo Answers." Here, The Media Slayer trolled Yahoo Answers with questions on drowning puppies, murdering kittens, and non-consensual abortions. Another contributor, Stevie The Ice Queen (see The Defrosters), created a counter character called the "Yahoo Troll Hunter," who initiated battle with The Media Slayer himself. There was a trailer for the final battle posted sometime in the spring; however, there has been no word as to the release of this video.

Media Slayer Productions can be found here.


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