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Manic Expression was founded by James Walsh as a place for bloggers and video-makers to come and show off their work. It now runs a variety of projects like the Outstanding Content of the Week (where people can nominate their work to be in the running to win), the Podcast Plays (audio plays created by the members of Manic Expression) and a monthly podcast that anyone on the site can be a part of. As such the site is set up so that people can Express Themselves in a variety of new and interesting ways.


Contributors of the Site:

    Fixtures of the site 

  • The Manic Expression Digression Session Podcast:

A monthly (formerly weekly) podcast that serves as the official podcast for Manic Expression. Hosted by Mark Nicholson A.K.A Big Black Hat Man, with regular members of the cast including The Other Dude 92, Gurning Chimp, PB Miranda, The Man With No Chin, Brek Club 85, MR Smooth, and Ryan Mc Carthy. It has also had a few guest, such as Some Jerk From Boston, Ratin8tor, and site founder and owner James Daniel Walsh. Topics usually range movies, TV, music, and everything else...but as the name of the podcast suggest, things rarely ever stay completely on topic.

    Site Projects and Collaborations 

  • The Podcast Plays:
Audio plays created by members of Manic Expression, with genres ranging from anywhere to drama, horror, or comedy.

A Documentary about Manic Expression featuring various contributors to the site. It unfortunately attracted a lot of trolls and was so poorly received that ratings were disabled.

A collaborative indy horror film made by Fusionater featuring various contributors to the site.

A collection of skits made by various contributors to the site.

  • Manic Expression the Movie
An animated indy film featuring various contributors to the site which in spite of a failed Indiegogo campaign is currently in production.


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