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Groupees is a site that specializes in creating various game bundles, not unlike Humble Bundle or Indie Gala. Where it tries to split off from these however is through its various "Build" bundles, a system where you can pick and choose which titles you want, the minimum price rising when you pick more from the list. Just like Humble however, it does have a "main" bundle (which was originally named for Valentines day, the bundle since keeping the name out of popularity) called "Be Mine" which currently has had 13 different versions. Apart from the Be Mine packs however, there has been many different ones on site.

Their website is:

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    Be Mine Bundles 

Be Mine 1

Be Mine 2

Be Mine 3

Be Mine 4

Be Mine 5

Be Mine 6

Be Mine Anniversary (a.k.a.: Be Mine 7)

Be Mine 8

Be Mine 9

Be Mine X (a.k.a.: Be Mine 10)

Be Mine 11

Be Mine 12

Be Mine 13

Build a Be Mine Bundle

Be Mine 14

Be Mine 15

Be Mine 16

Be Mine 17

Be Mine 18

Be Mine 19

    Build a Bundle 

Build a Bundle

Build a Bundle 2

Build a Bundle 3

Build a Bundle 4

Build a Bundle 5

Build a Bundle 6

Build a Bundle 7

Build a Bundle 8

    Build a Greenlight Bundle 

Note: These bundles are made solely of games that are trying to get through steam's "Greenlight" process, promising steam keys if and when the game gets a steam release.

Build a Greenlight Bundle

Build a Greenlight Bundle 2

Build a Greenlight Bundle 3

Build a Greenlight Bundle 4

Build a Greenlight Bundle 5

Build a Greenlight Bundle 6

Build a Greenlight Bundle 7

Build a Greenlight Bundle 8 (Current)


    Clash of the World Bundles 

Note: These themed bundles were based around different countries with each bundle representing different places around the world.

Clash of the World: Scandinavia

Clash of the World: Southern Europe

Clash of the World: United Kingdom

Clash of the World: Central Europe

Clash of the World: America

Clash of the World: Russia


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