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— The main slogan for GC, in their fight against the Four Point Scale.

"Have you ever sat around and just thought to yourself, "Paul, what do you want to do with your life? Do you want to waste it all away playing Nintendo, or do you want to make something of yourself?". Being that that was a rhetorical question, a response is not expected; but if there is one, I'd guess it is "no", because your name's not Paul. Regardless of name (rose by any other, etc.), that is a valid question for most players of video games. After contemplating it for nearly four seconds, I decided to do both. Hence, Game Cola."
— Paul Franzen, Editor-in-Chief

In the realm of the internets, video games seem to be an easy focal point for humor, whether it be the games themselves, the fans of the games, the industry that makes the games, the ads that sell the games, the reception the games get, the memories games give, the emotions that stem from games, the music that accompanies games, the art seen within games, the narrative games give, the political and social issues games present, the lessons learned from games,or the pets we name after characters we have fallen in love with in games. This is a site that flourishes on this very idea of videogame-humor.

Game Cola is a site devoted to observing video games in a clever and humorous light. It takes a completely unbiased and honest look into video games and video game culture, and ridicules as much of it as the writers comprehend. This is simply a group of gamers who love playing video games, and enjoy sharing their opinions, sense of humor, and love of gaming with the audience of the internet.


When the writers aren't talking about video games, they're usually talking about how much they hate each other.

From 2002-2005, the site was a updated once a month in a newsletter-like format, having every article written for the site collected and posted onto one single webpage. Because of long load times on bad connections, and simply being a bad idea in general, the site retained the monthly update schedule, but adopted a magazine format, with every individual article getting it's own page. The slow update schedule prevented Game Cola from obtaining a larger fanbase and readership (most people would simply forget the site ever existed). So in June 2009, Game Cola officially released its final issue, and announced plans for a total re-haul of the site in order to obtain a more modern style. That is to say, doing what everyone in the modern age does, and post new articles once they are ready to be published. Since June, the site continues to be on hiatus, with new content in the form of YouTube videos and posts on the site's blog, with a message to the readership every month to remind people that the site is still alive, and is making sure that the new site's launch is absolutely perfect.


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