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A fanmade website for Pokemon. It's main purpose is for Roleplaying (no fighting), and follows a story of experimented pokemon in a lab called FuseCorps. Said lab is located in the Orre region, and was previously occupied by Team Rocket until it was abandoned. The Cipher gang promptly took over it.

On the site, members come up with a fusion of two or more pokemon, then submit the character idea. Once it is accepted, the member can then go around and either join an already going Roleplay (permission should be asked for, though) or they can start up their own.


The experiments are divided into two groups, successful, and failed. The successful experiments, no matter what the job, with generally take up guard duty during roleplays. Failed experiments are kept in cells, though some can get free through breakage of the locks or getting into the vents.

The other thing that happens is that a person will usually open up a Tumblr account (as far as I'm concerned, it's always Tumblr) solely for asks and sometimes more rps between the experiments. All experiments, failed or otherwise, will apparently have enough free time to answer (granted for the failures, as they don't get to do much) any question, and somehow have got their paws on a laptop. These laptops tend to be broken enough that only Tumblr is available on the internet.

The main site is located here: [1] New members are always welcome.


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