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Another day at work.

The Empire is dead. Long live the Empire.

Founded in 2013, The Empire's Edge is online community for Star Wars fans with "a certain point of view:" namely, a shared appreciation of the oft-maligned, much-misunderstood Galactic Empire. In the EE, the rebels are the villains of the saga: they are criminals, traitors, terrorists, and masters of propaganda. In contrast, the noble heroic Imperials are the true heroes, bravely fighting to preserve order, a catch-all term for a complex idea: a society in which stability, prosperity, and justice are shared by all sentient beings in the Galaxy.

Members of the EE explore this shared Imperial perspective in various ways, such as writing fiction set in a modified version of the Star Wars Legends where the Player Characters comprise a splinter faction of the original Empire.

In addition, members can:

  • Role-play in an ongoing and persistent play-by-post story forum
  • Write more traditional "fan fiction" stories
  • Play a range of solo and multiplayer video games, the latter with their fellows at the EE
  • Chat with each other in the text-based Jabber/XMPP chat

The front page is here, and the actual stories are here.

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