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Dating Reality And Things is an advice site/ blog discussing, well, Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

It also covers Reality TV as well.

It can be found at

Dating Reality and Things provides examples of:

  • A Darker Me: Discussed, and he also points out that scammers are a form of this.
  • Artifact Title: Very much Justified. It does cover reality TV but hasn't covered it that much in recent times.
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  • Author Tract: But then again, this is perhaps Justified. But it isn't preachy as some Author Tract examples.
  • Based on a True Story: Well, insofaras that names are removed.
  • Dating Service Disaster: On the blog, he's been attempting to prove this is far from a Discredited Trope.
  • Derailing: Prevented by disabling comments.
  • Friending Network: Advises against using them, and just to prove it, there is no evidence of his username anywhere else.
  • Garbage Post Kid: To prevent these, he disables comments.
  • Internet Detective: He advises against this, claiming there's An Aesop in not doing it (life's too short being one of them) and legal/data protection consequences.
  • Internet Tough Guy: Averted.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Downplayed, although he does have pictures of attractive women on the website.
  • New Media Are Evil and You Can Panic Now: The author mentions this about dating sites and social media. But perhaps, justified, as the author also writes on consumer topics too.
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  • Not Safefor Work: Averted, as it is family-friendly.
  • Pen Name: According to Word of God. This is because he says his real surname is too posh-sounding or complicated to pronounce, so uses a Blackpool village as the pen name.
  • Product Placement: Perhaps, service placement more like, and promoting the author's home county!
  • Revision: Almost, only an import from the author's personal Wordpress site.
  • Shown Their Work: For a basic article on the types of dating scams that exist, the author seems to show this well, and without being too preachy.
  • The Spook: Although we know the author is Yorkshire-based, and born in Middlesbrough, little else is known about him.
  • Timestamps Are Your Friends: Averted, as Word of God is, he copies-and-pastes from old Microsoft Word documents dated at that time, and adds the pictures into Wordpress.
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  • Troll: To prevent these, he disables comments.


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