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DLsite is a Japanese digital distribution website that was founded by EISYS, Inc. in 1996. The website caters to the otaku sub-culture, in which they distribute various doujinshi works through their site for those that may not been able to attend to conventions such as Comiket where they were originally released. This also means that the site also contains many NSFW products that centers around various fetishes that's common with Japanese media, however there is an "All-Ages" section of the website which hides adult-only products away for those that are sensitive to such content (well, most of the time), in which this article will be focusing on the All-Ages portion of the website.

As stated above, a major selling point of DLsite is digital distribution of doujin-related products, ranging from image sets, manga, doujin games, and various forms of audio, which gives many the opportunity to purchase some of these goods that were originally released in conventions at the comfort of their own home. Importing such goods from territories outside of Japan was however a difficult endeavor for some as the site only accepted Japanese Yen and signing up for the website was not so easily accessible for those that can't read Japanese. This changed as of May 14, 2015 as DLsite has launched an English-language version of the website, allowing those overseas to be able to digitally import doujin works much more easily with domestic currency, but at the time the adult-only content was also visible on the English version of DLsite without a way to hide them away for a time. The website eventually established a work-safe version of the site, but like its Japanese version, some risque products are also shown in the All-Ages section, albeit without nudity or outright pornography. DLsite also eventually added support for other languages (Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese) to the site. Despite being much more accessible to Western territories in recent years, there are some products however that are not yet available on the overseas version of the site or translated for non-Japanese speakers.


Another benefit of DLsite is many of their products are DRM-agnostic, which can be a great way to import doujin games digitally, however, some creators can choose whether or not to use DLsite's own user account verification methods to prevent unauthorized distribution of their work. Some games sold through the overseas version of DLsite may also have been given an English localization by DLsite themselves, the doujin circle, or from third-party translators or publishers. However, most of the other games released through DLsite are, for the most part, straight digital re-releases of their original Japanese version unless stated otherwise on their product page, and DLsite also assumes that you have some way to run Japanese games on your computer if they have not been translated, which may or may not run non-Japanese operating systems, so please consider purchasing such games from other distributors such as Steam or from the publisher if they have an overseas (and possibly updated) version of the game in question elsewhere. Some games do however feature a demo version that you can try out before you purchase the full game.


Video games available on DLsite: