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CharacTour ( is a website that offers a new way to find your next favorite movie, TV show, book, or video game based on what it think matters most: characters. Using its patent-pending algorithm that analyzes 52 personality traits, CharacTour allows users to take a quiz to "Get Matched" to characters with similar personalities, get recommendations of new characters like those they already like, and browse for characters in a variety of ways. Users can also get to know characters through a growing collection of 4,500+ profiles to make sure they're ones that they want to commit their precious free time to.


The site launched publicly on Aug. 4, 2015. Its management team is led by Founder and CEO Kim Foerster, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Pete McEntegart, and Editorial Manager Sarah Corey.

The approximately 4,500 characters on the site and the movies/TV shows/books/video games they hail from reflect a wide range of tropes. Currently, the site encourages usersto comment on character profile pages, whether about tropes or anything else that interests them, as well as to vote on and discuss Rankings lists (top 20 lists in categories like "Killers We Would Like To Have a Beer With") or Weigh In debate topics on questions such as "What names are better for Harry's kid than Albus Severus Potter?"

Since CharacTour believes that "everyone is a character," including real people, it plans to roll out a community feature in early 2016 that enables users to find others who are close matches to themselves, based on CharacTour's personality quiz and matching algorithm, and also to connect to other users who have personalities like their favorite characters (maybe you're like Sherlock and want to find your Watson). Users will be able to bond over their shared entertainment passions, whether their favorite characters, shows, movies, books, or games and/or interests like Comic Cons, cosplay, writing, acting, and filmmaking.


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