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Bone The Fish is a website written by critics of shows who converse about when a given work of fiction has Jumped the Shark. It sprung out of the community of

The term "Bone the Fish" was created in direct reference to TV Guide parent Gemstar. Sometime in 2006, Jon Hein decided to sell the Web site known as "Jump the Shark" or "". The Bone The Fish community likes to say that this was the point in time when the Web site Jump the Shark "Boned the Fish".


Bone The Fish doesn't just focus on TV series anymore, but also on movie series, magazines, websites and even celebrities, real-world products or abstract concepts.

"Trope The Fish":

  • Accentuate the Negative: Well, it is about complaining about things that began sucking.
  • Seasonal Rot: Going back to the original purpose of "jumping the shark": when did a series begin to suck? invoked

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