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Atomic Rockets is a website by Winchell Chung, intended as a resource for science fiction writers. The site contains information on a large number of science fiction tropes, as well as reams of technical data on the scientific basis (or lack of it) for those tropes.

Tropes discussed and analysed:

Tropes used:

  • Cute Kitten: RocketCat, the site's mascot.
  • Quote Overdosed: An estimated half of the text on the site is inside a quotation. This is mainly due to the writer repeating parts of books as examples or copying a discussion others had about the topic.
  • Raygun Gothic/Atom Punk: Referred to as 'rocketpunk', to go with Steam Punk and Cyber Punk. The whole site is decorated with classic SF art, mostly of this era.
  • Retro Rocket: The Polaris, featured heavily throughout the site.
  • Shown Their Work: The technical information, including mathematical formulae, is (mostly) accurate.
    • Although the writer himself admits that he isn't a real rocket scientist or anything and is NOT a good source, so everyone should probably check something else as well.

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