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Go To is a unique website and indeed a compendium of all music.

Created by Swedish tax collector Henrik Franzon in 2003, the site compiles several critics' lists from around the world to find the consensus choices for the best songs/albums of all time. It seems a daunting task, but Henrik makes it look easy. Hardcore fans of the bands in question should not be surprised by the results. Has an existing forum as well, for discussion of music among other things, noted for its occasional user polls of favorite music for any given point in time.


Acclaimed Music contains examples of:

  • Fan Community Nickname: The forum users are called "AMers".
  • The Generation Gap: Illustrated by the 2020 Albums poll. The results of the poll from users under forty and forty and older were displayed alongside the main list. OK Computer won the under-40 (and overall) vote, while Ziggy Stardust won with the forty-plus crowd. The over-forties also contributed to the lowering of many contemporary rap and R&B albums ranked highly in the previous poll.
  • Needs More Love: In-Universe. Could well be the rallying cry behind any nomination for the forums' various tournaments but particularly the Moderately Acclaimed/Unacclaimed polls. May result in strong Critical Dissonance if a forum consensus emerges in favor of a work perceived as having experienced an unjust Critical Backlash or rejected by the artist needing to be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
  • Quality by Popular Vote:
  • Rock is Authentic, Pop is Shallow: Zig-zagged. There is still a bit of a rock bias, but with the rise of new genres in the 2010's and an influx of younger users, pop and rap have been getting their fair due as of late.
  • Shown Their Work: The AMers know their stuff when it comes to researching the artists and albums. It almost functions like a listening club for musical enthusiasts.
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  • Top Ten List: ...and top 100, top 1000, top any other number you should care to mention. The raison d'être of the main site and a key point of discussion on the forums to the point that Obsessed Are the Listmakers, especially when all-time polls are held.