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The unoffically titled Xiaolin Showdown Fan Webcomic, which takes place years after the series' finale. Raimundo is leading his team when Master Fung announces there will be four new recruits joining the temple. Amongst them are:

Nina Shiera, a timid girl who has good intentions;

Kami Sho, a kid with an affinity for exotic hats

Tai Ling, a mysterious ninja come to broaden his skills;

And Ricochet Pedrosa, reckless twin brother of Raimundo who turns out to be a huge pervert


With their new team, the Xiaolin monks continue their adventures as they face new trials, collect new Shen Gong Wu and fight new enemies as the Xiaolin legacy continues.

XS Comic was first uploaded to user Ethemy's DeviantArt account on July 17, 2012. Currently the comic is 63 pages long and also has a closed Ask Blog for the Original Characters to answer fans' questions. The "Ask the Newbies" blog can be found here and the comic can be read in her gallery.


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