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"Like your everyday life... just funny."

Wyliman is the birthchild of Mexican artist Mario "Zorgia" Gonzales. It basically tells the story of genuine blockhead Wyliman, and his various ways of him trying to cope with everyday life, having trouble landing on an actual job (he got one at Buckstars after some time), etc. Along with him are his best friend and roommate Mackenn, "Who is a fox for some reason" and is an artist. He tries hard to make his art go public, but he either gets his art ruined by Wilyman's antics or it is simply "it is not interesting". Rounding up the three main characters is Natalia, childhood friend and next-door neighbor of both Wyliman and Mackenn. Currently the Girlfriend of Wyliman and the voice of reason between the two. Recurring characters are Liz, Natalia's lighthearted Secretary; Andrea, who works in the local library and may or may not be in love with Mackenn; Wyliman's unnamed Dog, who speaks in Reebus Bubles; Mr. Sergio, who is working at the library, and Mario himself, sometimes commenting on what's going on.


Originally started as a Newspaper-styled comic parodying Superhero comics, Wyliman has fully evolved into a fully fledged comic with 26 paged chapters, each with its own storyline following the antics of Wyliman and friends (although in some cases more emphasis on his friends) with whatever problem lies ahead of them. Be it retrieving a lost wallet, to exploring the realms beyond the comic.

Can be read in its official website here and can be read in spanish via Zorgia's specially made deviantArt account.


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