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Working Doodles' first ever submission. The beginnning of it all.

Usually updated on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Working Doodles is one man's attempt at letting what's in his head out to the world. Drawn with regular ball-point pen on thermal till roll, it's a mostly single panel gag-a-day style webcomic designed around the concept of that piece of paper you find when you're bored at work, school or wherever that you just decide to doodle on.

Sub-titled, Tales from the Till Roll and created in July 2015 by John "John D Anims" Davidson, there's a few ongoing themes and mini series throughout the strip. Animals appear regularly and a series of ongoing drunk superheroes appear sporadically throughout. The subject matter, characters, settings, styles and everything about it can drastically change from page to page.

It's based primeraly on Blogspot but is noticably also followable on facebook, Twitter, Tapastic and Tumblr.


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