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When Ignorance Fails is a webcomic created by icyookami or zouto (the creator's respective names on DeviantArt and Smack Jeeves, where the comic was originally posted) that concerns the lives of Middle Schooler Nami, her friend Melissa, her dragon teacher and his twin brother, a vampire transfer student, and a mysterious man who wants to kill her. The series suffered from Schedule Slip later on and ended abruptly at strip 50, though based on the ample foreshadowing it is obvious that icyookami intended the story to go on for much longer than it did. Since the series stopped in 2009 it seems unlikely that it will ever be continued.


Can be read here on Smack Jeeves and here on DeviantArt.

Not to be confused with Achievements in Ignorance.

Tropes in this webcomic include:

  • Mistaken for Gay: Happens to Victor, but because his gender rather than his orientation is confused; he blames anime for having such androgynous characters.
  • New Transfer Student: Lampshaded, then built up to, then subverted.note 
    Nami: No!
    Melissa: What?
    Nami: He's a transfer student! That means he's going to play a significant role in our lives!
    Melissa: Ooh! Maybe he's your love interest!
  • Refusal of the Call: Happens when Mr. Rune asks Nami to save his world. Everyone in it except his brother dies as a result.
  • Schedule Slip: Hard.
    • "Updates Tuesdays and Thursday! (and the occasional Saturday)" -Zouto, September 2008.
      • "Updates will now be random due to school :/" -Zouto, March 2009.
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    • The series ended without closure or notice June 13 2009.
  • Sneeze Cut: "You know, when you sneeze in Spain, that means someone is trying to kill you!"
  • Take That!: Against Twilight in this comic.
  • What Could Have Been: The fifty strips in existence set up a fantasy quest, a potential love interest, a murder plot against the protagonist, and Vampires.


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