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Webcomic / Wandering Ones
aka: The Wandering Ones

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The mid-21st century: The fortunes of the human race have taken rather a down turn. A man-made viral weapon has seen to that.

In the year 2035, a group of religious zealots called the Mavonites left Earth to colonize a far-off world, and to get away from the rest of humanity. Most of them have no knowledge of the plague bomb their leaders dropped from orbit. The leaders figured if things didn't work out, they could return to a new world with no unbelievers in it.


Now, 30 years later, the wind whistles down the highways choked with dust, empty except for the call of the birds or the rustle of a coyote.

Well, maybe not completely empty. It seems the human race is a little tougher than anticipated.

The Wandering Ones, by Clint Hollingsworth, is a webcomic about the exploits and adventures of the scouts of the Clan of the Hawk and their allies, who are trying to secure civilization against the expansionist Reich government in what used to be the northwestern United States, somewhere in or near the Oregon-Washington area.


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Alternative Title(s): The Wandering Ones


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