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"In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-humans defend our country's interests at home and abroad…They are the Vanguard."

-Vanguard's flavour text

Vanguard is a British-based webcomic made by Dan Butcher Chronicling the adventures of The Vanguard, a government run super-team and other metahumans around the world.

The story starts with Vanguard running into some kind of conspiracy within their government and their telekinetic, Ophelia, set out to investigate.


Not to be confused with the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime, the video game, or the Vanguard book series about a US-based superhero team of that name authored by Percival Constantine.

Vanguard contains examples of:

  • Annoying Arrows: Subverted with extreme prejudice in the case of X-bow. Her arrows are durable enough to pierce some of the toughest meta-humans.
  • Anyone Can Die: Played about as straight as you can get.
  • Body Surf: Godiva's power. she can also see through the surfed body as well as move it. comes in handy against the more invulnerable foes.
  • Hand Blast: Spitfire's main combat ability. strong enough to strip the skin off of an AlphaOne metahuman's face.
  • Neck Snap: happens to The Prime Minister in order to make a statement.


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