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Uniju's on the right, and DarkHero Sonic's on the left, acting just like he normally does.

Uniju Holiday Theater is a Sprite Comic on Userpedia, made by Uniju, that began around Halloween 2008. It follows the adventures of Uniju and his friends as they go on multiple holiday-themed adventures, and occasionally non-holiday adventures. There are 3 main characters in the comic:

  • Uniju, the main character and author of the comic. He's some sort of robot with A, B, X, and Y, buttons that apparently act as his hands and feet.
  • DarkHero Sonic, commonly shortened to DHS, is one of Uniju's closest "friends" in the comic series, and often accompanies Uniju on his adventures. He's portrayed as an edited Sonic sprite from Sonic Advance.
  • SnackServ, otherwise known as Snack, is Uniju's brother in Real Life, and a common character in the series. He takes the form of a winged Ninji.

There are also a few other characters who commonly appear but aren't quite main characters.

  • Toadbert101, a character who makes several minor appearances over the course of the series. He's portrayed as an edited version of Luigi's sprite from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, with either a blue shirt and green overalls instead, or a nice suit and a darker green hat.
  • Turboo, commonly shortened to Turb, is another recurring character in the series. He is shown as Superstar Saga Peach (sometimes with a red dress) and a hot dog hat, or a blue bird.
  • Super-Yoshi is a Yoshi, of course. He's an edited version of the Superstar Saga Yoshi sprite who occasionally comes on Uniju's adventures.

The series is one of Userpedia's longest-running comics time-wise, while also being one of it's shortest runners in issues; in 8 years, 17 issues have been released.


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