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What it once was.

Unexpecterchanged (or, commonly abbreviated as Unex) is an Alternate Universe comic based off the game Undertale by Patwhit01. It is a comic that shifts around the positions of characters, similar to Storyshift. Unlike Storyshift, however, it does not follow the "pair rule" of character shifting Storyshift follows. This means that any character could be anyone.

    List of All Shifts (Note: Spoilers) 
  • A new character, Fredrick, replaces Frisk as the player character.
  • Sans replaces Asriel as the one who becomes a soulless flower.
  • Chara replaces Napstablook, but instead of being a shy ghost, they are trapped in the long-abandoned Ruins, hungry and disheveled.
  • There is no caretaker of the Ruins, so Toriel's previous spot is now empty.
  • Monster Kid replaces Sans, as a sentry in Snowdin and your new friend.
  • Frisk replaces Papyrus, living with Monster Kid and their adoptive parents.
  • Alphys and Undyne take on a new role, becoming married prior to the events of Unexpecterchanged, and acting as the adoptive parents of Monster Kid and Frisk.
  • Napstablook replaces Undyne as Captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Mettaton replaces Alphys as the Royal Scientist.
  • Papyrus replaces Asgore as the King of the Underground.
  • Asriel replaces Chara as your personal narrator and adventuring buddy.


Unexpecterchanged contains examples of:

  • Heroic Mime: Averted. Frederick actually speaks to Flowey, at the end of the Ruins, in response to Flowey's threats. He also speaks in Snowdin, where he agrees with Asriel about the ugliness of a lamp.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Played with. The first attempt at Flowey's fight at the end of the Ruins ends with an unavoidable attack. Frederick is only able to progress once Chara saves them by seemingly killing Flowey by sneaking up on him.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: After his first encounter with Flowey the Flower, Frederick ends up being stuck this way for a certain amount of time, having to fight Chara, then upon reaching the end of the Ruins, Flowey again. Frederick actually dies during this encounter, upon which Flowey remarks and make fun of him for dying to his unavoidable attack, though Chara saves Frederick during his second attempt, apparently killing Flowey. They finally heal once they reach a SAVE Point in Snowdin.
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  • Player Character: Rather than the Human in the original Undertale, the story instead follows Frederick, another human child who fell Underground. When Frederick reaches Snowdin, they eventually meet Frisk, the player character of the original story.
  • Slasher Smile: Flowey's evil face, which should look familiar considering who he is. He puts an even more monstrous smile during the second battle against him.


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