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Trip Across the Multiverse is a webcomic Created by Emiliano Lara Cruz, known online as Galactic Potato.

You can read it on Tapas and Webtoons

It follows wannabe Ranger, Trip Freeman, as he tries to get into the Rangers program; a Ranger is someone that can jump universes. When an attack happens and Trip finds himself stuck in a universe other than his own, he has to rely on Walter Vance to get back home.
Chapter 2's cover page

Trip Across the Multiverse shows examples of

  • Adventure Duo: Walt is the more serious badass while Trip is the lucky idiot that hasn't gotten killed... yet.
  • After-Action Patch-Up: Chapter 2 starts with this trope resulting from the fight that ended chapter 1.
  • All Work vs. All Play: Walt is very serious about his job and the dangers that come with it, while Trip is too engrossed in the idea of a fun, superhero-saves-the-universe fantasy.

  • Character Title: The Character's name is in the title, it can also go under Pun-Based Title.

  • Civilized Animal: The main protagonists are cats that live in a society similar to humans.

  • The Chosen Wannabe: Trip wants to be a Ranger so badly but he's failed the test to qualify as one many times.

  • Foil: Walter Vance to Trip Freeman.

  • Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: in a world where you have a cat society and in another a fox society, they need to cover their nakedness.

  • Geek Reference Pool: Trip, being a nerd has made a few references to things and there are more to come.
    • The art effects in chapter 2 onward are reminiscent of the Manga and Anime series Jojos Bizarre Adventure

  • Layered Metropolis: The city Trip and Walt live in.

  • Pun-Based Title: Trip can mean both traveling and Trip, the main protagonist being "across the Multiverse".
  • Shirtless Scene: Trip at the start of Chapter 2.

  • Talking Animal: The whole cast.

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