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On the left: Joa. On the right: Dylan.

Transfusions is a BL webcomic created and drawn by Anni K.

After visiting a abandoned house with his friends and injuring his arm, human media student Dylan is attacked by a vampire named Joa. He later wakes up in a bed in the vampire's apartment; drained of his blood, but alive. In most situations Joa would have killed him, but due to the unusually delicious taste of Dylan's blood, he makes an offer to Dylan to become, as Joa puts it, his personal blood... supply, which Dylan reluctantly accepts. Despite the rocky start, the two end up becoming close and, as most BL go, the two eventually end up falling for each other.

Originally started on Smackjeeves in 2010, as "Book 1: End" but since 2018 has moved here. and has started on the next part of the story "Book 2"


Transfusions shows examples of the following tropes:

  • May–December Romance: Dylan is 21 and Joa was 25 (in 1985) when he was turned. Though compared with other examples of Paranormal Romance featuring a vampire as one half of the pair, they only have an age different of approx. 29 years. Presuming the comic is set in the year it started.
  • Missing Reflection: With Joa being a vampire he naturally has no reflection and doesn't appear on film. This comes into play in Chapter 7 of Book 1 when Joa and Dylan are hanging out with the latters friends, Angela, Alf and Carolyn and when they take a sudden selfie together Joa's vampirism is revealed to them.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: The comic follows most traditions of the vampire folklore and fiction, such as vampires having super strength and speed, only being allowed in homes by the human's owner, not showing up in pictures or having reflections and crying blood. It's also brings up that when in packs they become cold and ruthless.
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  • The Bro Code: In Chapter 6 of Book 1, Alf reveals he has a crush on Carolyn but has not acted on it due to the fact that he thought it be rude considering Dylan also had a crush on her. Dylan responded that though the thought was nice, Alf could have asked her out anyway since he didn't own her, and by this point in the story he's with Joa anyway.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield??: It's not stated in-universe what the city the story takes place is called or even what country it resides, but Word of God has since stated that transfusions takes place in a city called Rovaniemi, Northern Finland.

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