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Webcomic / Trader Lydia

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Trader Lydia is a fantasy/comedy webcomic written by Ted Bishop (AKA Dragon-FangX). The premise is quite simple: Lydia the dark gnome sets up shop in a random Louisiana bayou. The comic was originally hosted on the artist's DeviantArt page, but as of strip #428, updates are now posted on Owl Quill. The first page of the comic can be found here. The comic is still ongoing but it does make for a fun reread when you're waiting for updates.


This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Double Take: Bob doesn't notice the fire until he hears it crackling.
  • Stock "Yuck!": Lydia clearly hates black licorice, as shown in this strip where she has a furnace specifically for getting rid of it. A dispenser to the far right seems to have red licorice, meaning she's fine with that kind.
  • Take That!: Several are aimed at Michael Bay, some at Zack Snyder, and another at Twilight.
  • The Stoic: Jennifer lasts three weeks in a job before her breakdown when most people only last three days and her boss only managed a day and a half.