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Mira: This is real. This is actually happening right now.'

ThunderHead is a fantasy/action/humor webcomic started by Epiphany Paige (as she wishes to remain semi anonymous) in January 2014. The comic watches Mira, a normal girl, and her adventures with Kyrka and Rand, two people who literally fell into her life.

Since it only has part of the prolgue up, its not easy to guess at how the story will culminate. Looking at the creator's tumblr page [1], however, a person can guess which way it will go. Word of God says it might be a long story, too.


ThunderHead contains examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: the creator likes to make up the names of her characters herself, it seems. A few characters, however, have some normal names.
  • Big Bad: not revealed in the comic.
  • The Hero: So far, it looks like Kyrka. Word of God says the main three protags are Mira, Rand, and Kyrka.


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