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Webcomic / The Winx Club Plays Dungeons and Dragons

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Fairy Magical Girls play a nerdy tabletop game

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The Winx got tired of fighting monsters, so they are now going to fight imaginary monsters. Stella is not thrilled by the idea, though.

The Winx Club Plays Dungeons and Dragons is a Fan Webcomic written and illustrated by Annalise.

This fan comic contains examples of:

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Aisha's fairy outfit is two-colored (blue top and green pants) instead of the all-green or all-blue ones that she wears in canon. This helps her be differentiated from Bloom (blue) and Roxy (green).
  • Battle Ballgown: Played for Laughs when Musa invokes this trope in relation to Stella’s angelic character, who is initially dressed in a yellow, Greek-like robe and only wears metallic bracelets and leg protections as armor.
    Musa: I am not gonna help you if you get shot in the boob.
    Stella: Ugh! [produces a collarbone-to-waist golden breastplate and metallic shoulder pads] This better?
  • Character Customization: The Winx are going to play Dungeons & Dragons therefore they need to craft their characters a la DnD Fantasy Character Classes. Almost the entirety of the plot revolves around this and it’s the source of much snarky commentary (from Musa and Stella) and otherwise comical situations.
    Flora: Can we be fairies?
    Tecna: [trying to not break Flora’s heart] Umm… no… but there are elves! They’re like fairies.
    Flora: [cheerfully] Can I be an elf?
    Stella: Ugh! I assume you’ll all be elves then?
    Musa: Not me! [proceeds to pick her character]
    Flora: Oh! [claps approvingly and supportingly]
    • Musa chooses a red Tiefling Quirky Bard armed with a lute to blast out killer tunes.
    • Flora picks an elf Druid with a flower crown.
    • Layla/Aisha decides to be a water Genasi monk with ombre dreadlocks like the ocean.
    • Stella enters the game just to prove she can create a character much cooler than the rest and crafts an angel with sun powers, a halo, and feathery wings.
    • Roxy brings pizza and reveals she used to play DnD and her character was a half-elf Forest Ranger with animal companions — which Bloom was about to pick for herself. Also, Roxy's ranger is an outcast and the princess of a lost kingdom fated to save it. Now having very similar backstories isn’t as funny, huh?
    • At last, Bloom selects a half-elf Eldritch knight with her bunny Kiko as her sidekick.
    • As the Game Master, Tecna plays all the non-playable characters, but the other Winx teasingly pressure her to tell them her chosen Player Character — a gnome artificer with robots to use in combat.
  • Annoying Background Event: Zigzagged. On the cover's background, Roxy and Bloom are getting roughed up by the Monster of the Week while Tecna and Flora try to help them. This is annoying to Musa, Stella, and Aisha (who are in the foreground and are just taking a break from the fight) because they are fed up with having to beat random monsters all of the frigging time.
  • Game Master: It’s hinted Musa and Roxy have played DnD before, although neither of them takes the mantle of being the GM — it's Tecna, who was taught by Musa for this express purpose.
  • Gaming Webcomics: The plot revolves around the Winx girls deciding to spend their weekend playing D&D as a way to take a break from all of their Monster of the Week-beating duties. The first chapter deals with Musa (who proposed the idea), Aisha, Tecna, Flora, Bloom, and a reluctant Stella going through Character Customization. They are soon joined by Roxy, who brings pizza.
  • "Super Sentai" Stance: As it is customary for the Winx Club, the seven girls pose like this in their (imagined) Playable Character forms while shouting their trademark “We are the Winx!” on the last page of the fan comic.

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